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Hi again everyone,

I was looking at the Fetch Fuel supplements the other day while shopping and was interested. I cant seem to find too much information on them on the internet. The store I buy from is not a large company and they usually only sell highly rated, natural, healthy, etc. Brands/products, so hopefully this one is as well. Someone here is bound to he a food supplement wizard and able to provide good info on this brand. We are particularly interested in the active line (they have belly, omega, active formulas).  


Alyssa and Theo

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I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's garbage. Expensive garbage, too. 

Let's talk about the "active" formula. The Omega 3 fatty acid content is in the form of ALA, which is absolutely useless for dogs, as is all Omega 3 from plant sources. They can't convert it. The only kind of Omega 3 fatty acids that are helpful for dogs are DHA and EPA, and they are only found in fish. 

Then you have Omega 6 in the form of linoleic acid, which dogs already get too much of from everything they eat. Too much LA can lead to inflammation. 

Then you have Omega 9, which  is not an essential fatty acid and never needs to be supplemented in anyone's diet. Dogs make it themsleves and so do we. 

You also have a whole lot of vitamin C, which dogs, unlike people, also make themselves and don't need to get from food.

Vitamin A is a necessary nutrient, but it's in all dog foods, and you don;t want to get too much, because it's fat soluble and is toxic in large amounts. Supplements are not needed.

And then you have a plant based form of glucosamine, which is questionable, as all clinical studies showing any benefit from glucosamine are studies of the type of glucosamine that is derived from shellfish and is contained in most high quality supplements. The plant form is much much less expensive and it's doubtful that it does any good.

(The other products in the line are equally garbage-y in their own ways.)

So...if your dog needs glucosamine for his joints, look at Cosequin and/or Dasequin. If your dog needs more Omega fatty acids, there are a lot of good fish oil products out there that are specially made for dogs.

I would not waste my money on Fetch Fuel. :)

Darn! That is so disappointing, but is very good to know all of that information. We will definitely be using that info going forward! 

We were looking for an all around good joint supplement. He is a working dog (service animal) and has recently taken up dock diving because he absolutley loves it. He just turned 2 and doesn't have any joint problems and I want to keep him that way. I worry about the dock diving the most for his long term joint health because of the explosiveness and jumping required.

What would you recommend for this situation? Basically a preventative/maintenance supplement. I thought about cosequin, but I guess I have always thought as that for dogs who already have arthritis/joint pain.  :) 

Cosequin is really just a very good "all around"  glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, and it can be given as a preventative like any other glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. Other than manganese, there are no other ingredients in it. It's not solely for dogs who already have arthritis, and it won't do anything for pain in any case. 

And a good quality Omega 3 (from fish only; you only want the Omega 3 fatty acids DHA & EPA) supplement is also beneficial for overall health and for the joints. It helps prevent inflammation. 

Great! Thanks so much Karen! We will be picking up some cosequin today for him. Always appreciate all of the helpful information you provide. 

Glad to help. :)



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