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I posted a few weeks ago about our 8 month puppy Taco. He has been on wellness complete health puppy (chicken) grain free and then with grains version since we transitioned him at 10 weeks. He ate a rope toy ( we think) over a month ago. Multiple vet visits, Antibiotics, X-ray ( which didn’t show blockage) and prescription hills food. Every time we transition him from only chicken and rice back to kibble, he gets diarrhea and vomiting. Yesterday I gave him less than a quarter cup
Of His wellness kibble food mixed with his chicken and rice and he vomited last night and this morning and had soft stools last evening. I really want to get him off the chicken diet and back to kibble. Any recommendations for a food that may be easy in his stomach? I doubt it is the chicken as he tolerates it boiled. I am also giving him proviable once daily with his chicken/ rice. Does dog food go bad? At this point it is close to two months old but in a giant plastic tub. Not sure why he would suddenly no longer be able to eat food he always ate. I am getting so discouraged as he acts fine but every time we introduce kibble he reacts this way. Thanks!

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Try one capsule per day. 

And, good to know, our CVS will order it if it isn't in stock, and it usually arrives the next day.

Update on Taco..we have been slowly adding in the Wellness LI into his chicken and rice along with daily probiotics.  He is still having soft stools, but they seem to be getting better.  Thanks for the food recommendation, it seems to be the first one that isn't upsetting his stomach too much!  I plan to continue to add more kibble into his diet this week,..but this morning, he got into the kitchen garbage and polished off the fajita leftovers from our dinner out last week!  I have a feeling that isn't going to help his GI issues!  He is such a get-into-everything puppy!  I really try to watch him, but it is like a toddler and if you turn your back for one second...  I just hope he continues to improve even with this set back!

Yeah, the garbage incident isn't going to help anything at all. The spices in fajitas are typically very hard on a dog's digestion. And if he ingested any onions, that's a huge problem; onions (and all alliums) are toxic to dogs. 



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