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Hello everyone! We just switched Willy to Steve's real food frozen PREY diet, and he loves it!! However, we have noticed some new behaviors since switching him, and were wondering if anyone had any input.

First, he has been obsessed with eating grass. We're not sure why this is- maybe because of a lack of fiber?! Does anyone have any ideas on why this is, and how we can help it (or just let him eat it)?

Second, he has gone crazy about his food bowls. Since feeding him raw, if we put any bowl down (even with water in it, or nothing, or food, etc) he will pick it up, and run away with it. This has become a problem because we can't put water bowls down anymore! We runs away with the water, and spills water EVERYWHERE. It's starting to get very irritating, because it's a lot of clean-up and hard to give him water to drink!! Does anyone have any solutions? 

Thanks in advance!!!

Madie + Willy

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At 15 months, he's an adult and definitely doesn't need a "puppy" formula. 

Orijen Puppy food has a very high fat content, 20% if memory serves. The fat content of the Steve's Prey diets is considerably lower. High fat foods can cause diarrhea, so that may be the reason the diarrhea started after you switched him back to the puppy food. 

We also thought that maybe he wasn't getting enough fiber since the steve's doesn't have any veggies. We started feeding him veggies in addition to his normal food too, but it didn't seem to make a huge difference. We also thought that it was maybe because he was eating a lot of grass, and we saw that it's usually normal but could be caused by not enough fiber.

Also, we are about to call the vet to set up another appointment! This time it will be with our usual vet, and she's a really awesome and knowledgeable vet. I'll keep you guys updated!

Please do. 

The vet didn't have any appointments available until next Wednesday, so we're going to have to wait until then to see them. We could have gotten different vet, but we decided to stick with our usual vet, as we really like her. 

For the food, we just picked up a bag of Orijen adult. We're going to see if he does better on that. 

Thanks so much for your help!



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