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Yesterday afternoon, Monty broke a toenail while chasing a ball. It seemed pretty ugly, it was broken off all the way to the quick. It did not bleed and he was not limping, but I got scared and took him to the vet. They just trimmed off the broken part and told me to keep an eye on the toenail so that it does not split further or Monty does not lick it and irritate it.

Monty's toenails are quite flaky and they chip quite often. He also had problems with dry cracked paws, so I started adding salmon oil into his kibble and putting Musher's Secret on his paw pads. Can't see much difference in the toenails, though, When I asked for any other remedy, the vet said some people give dogs unflavored gelatin. Any thoughts about that? In what form should it come and how much to give? Any other ideas on flaky toenails? 

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It will take about two weeks to see results from the salmon oil, but that should help. The GLA in evening primrose oil may help, too.

Thanks, Karen. He is finishing his second bottle of Salmon Oil and still no change in toenails. I will see if I can add the evening primrose oil as well.

The EPO may actually help more than the salmon oil in this case.


Good to know. Thank you. Do you just order it online or can I get it in a human store?

You want the human supplements. 500 mg softgels. You should be able to find them in the vitamin and supplement section of most drugstores and places like GNC, and even grocery stores. I get mine from the grocery store. Or you can order them on-line from Puritan's Pride, they have really low prices and quite a few of us have ordered from them.

Unflavored gelatin is actually a homeopathic remedy for human nails, bones and skin as well.   It works!  You can just purchase it in the baking department of any grocery store.  You should see results in as soon as a month.  I would just sprinkle some on his food (try taking it yourself, too!).

Good grief! I've discovered Monty has a dime-sized sore on one of his paws. He must have scraped the pad somehow yesterday since I noticed him licking on the foot. He slept with a sock on last night. Hope it heals fast since we are supposed to walk a 5K charity walk on Sunday.  Off to the store for the EPO.

Jarka, is the sore on the pad itself? Is it raw?

The EPO will take time to work. I'm thinking you may need something else for that sore in the meantime.

Yes, it's on the big pad, towards the middle of the paw. It's not bloody, but it's not black like the rest of the pad. I sprayed it with Vetericin and then Musher's Secret on it last night is it's supposed to work on scrapes and cuts as well. Don't know what else to put on, other than a sock so that he does not lick it and make it worse. He is not limping, but every time he lays down, he finds the foot and tries to lick on it.

It must be hurting or itching him. You can use cortisone sprays for itching, but I'm not sure if they do anything for discomfort. The main concern is that he not cause it to become infected. Any chance of getting him in to have the vet take a look?

Yeah, I will keep an eye on it today and see how it goes. He had a scrape like that on his paw before and it healed okay. The vet did not give us anything for it then, other than this funny looking waterproof boot. As long as he's not licking it, I think it will be fine. He walks normally and does not seem to be bothered by it. It's just when he lays down, the foot is right there and he can probably smell the boo-boo. Thanks, Karen.



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