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Hello all! My doodle currently eats Zignature Trout and Salmon grain free after trying Orijen for many months and him being constipated from it. He has done great on Zignature now for almost 3 yrs but my vet and many breeders I follow are now warning against grain free diets (especially those high in potatoes and legumes) because of the effects on the heart. Is this something I need to be worried about?

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It only tastes good if your taste buds prefer sweet to salty, or sour, or savory. I can't stand a sweet flavor in anything other than, well, sweets. And even then, I still want a little tartness. LOL 

My tastebuds definitely like sweet. They also really like salty. Actually I think I just have a preference for overly processed and things that are bad for you. I'm trying really hard to eat more "real" food, but I think Cheetos will forever call my name.

I feel like lemon bars might be up your alley ;)

Yes to lemon bars! 

When I teach nutrition I do a little question about calories in 3 items from McDonald's...a chicken salad, a cheeseburger and an iced coffee.  They are all the same, about 350 kcal.

I bet everyone fails that quiz, lol!

I always have one or two Starbucks baristas or McDonald's employees in the room who say the coffee has the most calories lol.  

Same here - sodas and crappy foods! 

I was a Coke drinker for many years. Then last year I had health issues. The only thing I drink now is coffee, tea and water. I had to totally change my diet. It's been a challenge, but considering the alternative, but I had no choice if I don't want to get worse. 

I drink coke maybe once every 2-3 weeks now but as a teen and university student I drank the stuff all day long, pretty gross thinking about it now.  I do still enjoy it when I have it occasionally now, only regular though no diet for me.  I don't trust those artificial sweeteners.


Oh I meant to go low. That's how much I dislike Purina. I think they are both out for world domination. But that's my opinion.



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