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Pepper loves and does well on Acana Meadowlands food so we've kept her on that for a while.  We realized a while back that we need to buy her the 13lb bags, because the 25 lbs get stale to her, and she eats them less.  Of course, my local pet store is no longer carrying the 13lb bag but they said they could special order it for me.

At the same time, they tried to convince me to switch to Open Farm dog food and even gave me a free bag to try.  Before I give Pepper any, I wanted to check if anyone had heard anything about this brand? Or have any thoughts?  They tout being all locally sourced, sustainable, grain free, filler free etc.  Is it too good to be true, or is it worth considering and trying?

Thank you!

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I hadn't heard of it until just about 15 minutes ago, lol. Someone else mentioned it in another FG discussion. I looked at it breifly and it looks good; sourcing is definitely reliable. I'm probably going to add it to the recommended list. I do think it would be worth a try. 
Which formula did they give you? 

They gave us the homestead chicken and turkey recipe. Since it doesn’t sound like there are any concerns with it, I think I will mix it with the Acana and see how Pepper likes it

Same main proteins as Meadowland, which is why I asked. That makes for an easier transition. 

Hello,I live in Ontario Canada and have been feeding my dog Mila Open Farm dry kibble and freeze dried raw for almost a year.  They make the product I believe in both Canada at local meat sources and the US. Mila has done well and enjoys eating all varieties. She is not fond of the wet food they make mostly because it is a stew. However she eats the kibblen and freeze dried raw. I hope the food is what it says!


I've been to pet stores in the US and in Canada, and in both places, they rate Open Farm in the top three with Acana/Orijen and Stella and Chewy's. They say Open Farm uses some of the best ingredients amongst all three! I don't think you can go wrong if it works for your pup.

Open Farm added to recommnded list. :) 



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