Hello everyone.  I have a 15 week old doodle puppy with tummy issues.  Kailo (male) is currently on Purina Pro Plan for Sensitive Skin and Stomach Puppy Food.  Also on the ForitFlora daily.  I give him about a tablespoon of pumpkin with every meal.  Six days ago, he was on chicken and rice because the food he had been eating was causing diarrhea (we think) and so we changed him to this food at the advice of a friend of ours.  The vet also advised us to put him on this food.  All tests for parasites have come back negative, multiple times...they even sent the last one out for extensive testing for Giarda and it was negative.  His next vet visit is 12/8...he needs his shots.  It's also a well check.  The thing is, his poop starts out in the morning nice and solid.  Brown and the perfect consistency.  AS the day goes on it gets softer and softer.  Especially with a lot of exercise.  And what puppy doesn't like to play?  I have an older doodle, Keiko (his auntie actually) 3 years old, and she's fine.  A little bit of tummy issues if she gets very stressed, but those times are few and far between.  They play together a lot during the day.  It also seems like Kailo had 'sparse' hair.  Like there's a lot off space between the hair growing on him...very thin.  But there's never any of his hair on my furniture or me.  He also has an odor, which is weird for a F1 B to have.  Keiko never smells.  His coat is soft, but not shiny at all...it seems frizzy at the ends.  Does anyone else have or have had these symptoms with their pup?  I';m so concerned for him.  He's definitely getting bigger, growing in leaps and bounds...and other than these things you;d never know anything was wrong.  He's a happy, playful little guy.  

I've added photos...note his belly underneath...it seems so odd for him not to have hair there...he's had no surgery.  Is this normal? Because if my vet missed all this, its time for me to find a new vet. 



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  • First, his coat has nothing to do with his food, and nothing to do with allergies. NOTHING. He just may have a very different kind of coat than your other dog. They are mixed breeds, and no two are exactly alike. It's also very very common for dogs not to have a lot of hair on their tummies, especially when they are babies and their adult coats haven't come in yet. Kailo just has a thinner, straighter coat than your older dog, and it will probably thicken up as he gets older.
    Second, it is virtually impossible for a puppy under 6 months of age to have any kind of allergy to anything. And when dogs do have allergies, the first, main, and most obvious symptom is intense itching, with scratching, rubbing and paw licking. Digestive issues are never caused by allergies, and actual food allergies in dog are extremely rare. Only 1% of dogs have food allergies, and puppies under 6 months simply can't have developed a food allergy that early.
    I can't address the odor. Maybe try bathing him and see if that helps, lol. Brushing frequently may also help. 

    We do not recommend ANY Purina product here, and that includes Fortiflora which is made by Purina. If you want to stay with this food, the only advice i can give you is to make sure you are feeding the correct amount, as too much or too little can cause soft stools. I would also order some Proviable DC probiotics and ditch the Fortiflora, it's not a very good probiotic and has some really terrible ingredients in it. If by any chance your vet gave you metronidazole, (Flagyl), that right there is likely the cause of the stool issues. It should never be given to puppies for a simple case of diarrhea, it can cause long term issues. You also must allow at least 2 hours between meds and the probiotics, and longer is better. 
    Also, if you are free feeding, that needs to stop. It can also cause soft stools as well as irregular stools. 
    What else is he getting to eat in the way of chews or treats?

  • Oh my gosh...first of all, THANK YOU for setting me straight on certain things...it really eased a lot if my worry.

    Yes, my vet did put him him on Flagyl😡

    I will definitely look into alternative food.

    Right now, all he gets is his good and pumpkin. I treat him with his food because I'm so worried to give him anything else.

    He gets 3 cups of food per day. 7:49am, 12:30pm and 5:15pm. 

    I'm a homeschool Mom so I'm home all day.

    He's about 28 pounds now. 15 weeks old


    • Oh and I notice he smells like the next day after I bathe him. If it's just the way his coat is going to be, then so be it, I don't care. He's my baby and he can smell whatever way he does...lol. I love him so much. 
      I as just concerned that it was a sign or symptom of something else more serious.

      I cannot thank you enough for your reply and information!!

      • Have you checked his ears? Ear infections can cause an odor. Otherwise, unless there are visual signs of some sort of skin infection, I wouldn't worry about it. 

    • If this is the food you're using, you are feeding him way too much.
      It's a little hard to calculate, because they go by the dog's expected adult weight, but even a puppy who is expected to weigh 76-100 lbs at adulthood should not be getting more than 2 and a quarter cups per day at 15 weeks.

      I would stop the Flagyl, continue the probiotics, and cut back the amount you are feeding. 

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      • I stop the Flagyl long ago. The doctor only gave him enough for a week. He didn't finish the last two doses because frankly I didn't see a difference. And then I read a couple of things on this site about it. 
        He had an ear infection a while back. It has cleared up. His ears have been plucked as well since then. No that's not some thing I make them do every time I take him to the groomer unless he absolutely needs it. I am definitely going to transition him off of Purina and onto something else that is recommended. My other dog is on a brand of Purina to and I plan to transition them both on to something better. I had no idea I was feeding him too much. I can't thank you enough. I can't tell you how many times I've called my vet to try to get some answers. They're always busy. They never called me back. And it's hard to get an appointment. Time for a new vet.

  • I have a 2 yo Labradoodle, he has a sensitive stomach as well.  I add Stonyfield Organic Probiotic to each meal.  It definitely helps with soft stool.  

    My little guy does not have hair on his belly either. 

    • I tried googling Stonyfield Organic Probiotic  to see what it is, and all I find is yogurt. Is that what you're giving him? 

      • Yes the organic yogurt.  

        • Any yogurt will help some, but it doesn't contain as much good bacteria as an actual probiotic supplement like Proviable.

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