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Karen, I'm hoping maybe you can give me some good advice (you always do) about supplements for our aging Doodles. Lucy just turned 10 years old and I am noticing a reluctance to get up and run around like she used to . She is slower to stand and I just want to get ahead of joint issues if possible. I realize she is aging and its natural however I want to give her anything I can to help her out. I have read that glucosamine really isn't all that great but I really don't know. Is there something I can give her that is natural and not a prescription drug? She really is fine right now, just slowing down a bit.

I'm sure you probably have other discussions on this but the search function really doesn't work...

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  • I’ll throw this out there. We are giving both our doods glucosamine with MSM. Our vet said he could hear some clicking in Maci’s hip joint, so he suggested we get ahead of it and start her on it. 

    Personally, I believe it works for my hips, so why not give it a try for my doodles.  We crush them up and give them in plain non fat yogurt everyday. 

    • Thank you Leslie! If it works for your Doodles then it’s certainly worth a try.

  • We have some discussions on this in the Health Group.

    Glucosamine and chondroitin seem to work better for dogs than for humans. There is also an ingredient in some of the G & C products ASU (avocado saponins I believe it is) that was recommnded to me by a physical therapy vet.

    Cosequin and Dasuquin both make reliable products. 

    • Thanks Karen! I will check out the health group discussions. I’m willing to try anything as long as it’s not harmful!

  • Years ago, we had golden retrievers who loved to fetch sticks in the water.  They would keep retrieving as long as someone (anyone) would throw them a stick.  The next day, however, our dog Tanner, would be so stiff and sore - he could hardly get up.  Our vet recommended glucosamine at the time and we got Schiff Move Free at Costco for him.   The difference in Tanner was truly amazing on glucosamine.  He was like a younger dog and didn't have the stiffness like before.  My husband actually started taking glucosamine himself after seeing the change in Tanner and it helps him too.  I don't know if it would help every dog, but that was our experience.  

    • Wow, Thats great to hear! I may have to try it myself for the arthritis in my hands. Thank you!

  • We are giving Clancy and Charlie Dasuquin daily.  Clancy just because he's 11 and heavy boned and Charlie has trouble getting up and often has a limp.  I feel the product truly helps both dogs.  Since giving it to Charlie, he hasn't displayed difficulty getting up at all.

  • I know this is an older post but I'm bringing it to life again.  Has anyone have and experice with Four Leaf Rover product Green Eggs for joint care?  I am using their bovine Colostrum product which has really reduced Picco's itching so that works great for us.  Now I'm looking into joint help since Picco is a 9yr old active hiker and runner.  I've reduced him to 3-4 miles now but on those hikes when his dog buddies are around they will play and add on their own additional miles!   I wish they could learn how to pace themselves!


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    • Looking forward to a reply.

    • I have been using Liquid Health K9 glucosamine for my 4. 3 Doodles and a Golden Retriever. I started using it over a year ago and, maybe its wishful thinking but I truly believe there is a difference. Lucy is almost 13 years old and she runs around and plays (when she's in the mood) alot more than before I started with it. I was told that the liquid formula is better as their bodies are able to use more of it. I buy it by the gallon now. I started off with their smaller bottle and I still use that and just refill it since it is cheaper by the gallon. I have an extra refrigerator in the garage and I keep the gallon jug out there.

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