Looking for a chew to alternate with bully sticks.

Bogey loves his bulky sticks but he gets bored with the same treats and food all the time.  Want something to change it up.  Tried the  Himalayan  things, he throws  them up!🤮. Tried Nyla bones, he eats too fast and I've heard they are bad for him, true?  Won't chew his antlers any more. He is 7, maybe too hard?  He is Mr. picky!

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  • Look for beef tendons, beef scapulas, and tracheas. They will not last as long as most bullys, but they will add variety. 

  • Also, Etta Says makes some great chews. 

    Munch Meter Chews
  • The edible Nylabones are not good, but the Durachews are fine, very very safe and last forever. https://www.chewy.com/nylabone-durachew-bacon-flavored-dog/dp/39407


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  • I found that my big boy who is also 7 likes smoked butcher bones. He is an aggressive chewer at 96lb.  They are the best thing for him.  Also no chance for contamination.  My Vet doesn't like any of those body part treats.

    • I'm surpised that your vet recommends smoked bones for dogs. They splinter and are not safe. There are many online warnings about them, including one on the FDA website with statistics about splintering and deaths. Jackdoodle's Inflammatory Bowel Disease was probably caused by a shard of bone from a smoked bone that splintered, and that shard (which is indigestible) sat in his gut for a few weeks before he finally vomited it up. 
      I'm also wondering why your vet doesn't like natural chews like bully sticks, tendons, etc. They are very safe. 

      • As far as the bully sticks in those natural tendon chews she said the level of contamination in the processing in the factories can be very high. And the smoke bones that I get do not splinter they are with marrow still in them. Not talking about the ones you buy out of the pet store. I'm talking about actual butcher bones. 

        • When you buy natural chews, bully sticks, tendons, etc. there is no contamination if you buy them from the right sources. I'm sure the ones at Costco or Walmart might be contaminated, but not the ones from reliable North American sources and vendors. There are also no "factories". In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any recalls or cases of contamination with them. Perhaps your vet was talking about rawhide, which IS processed in factories. 
          ALL smoked bones splinter. If you are talking about raw marrow bones from the butcher, those are not smoked. I'm very curious as to what butcher sells bones which have been smoked. Raw bones are fine. 
          Of course, a lot of vets do tell people not to give their dogs any kind of bone, because they can fracture a tooth on hard chew objects. It's no wonder people are confused about what to give their dogs, with vets giving so many different conflicting opinions. 

        • And if THIS is what you're talking about, they absolutely DO splinter:

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          • Milo came home with some smaller/flatter version of this and I eventually tossed it unopened.

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