Thanks to J, Riley & Toby for doing the research and sharing this with us. 

Riley has chronic pancreatitis (has to maintain a low fat diet) and she has been on Fromm Weight Management Gold and doing very well - it's only 11% fat on a dry matter basis.  

Here is a short list I made when I was trying to find a new food for Riley last year.  Keep in mind these are the Canadian website links, I don't know if the formulas for the US are different.

Brand Food Fat% Protein% Omega 6:3 Fiber% Kcal/cup Proteins Carbs Notes
Acana Light & fit 11+ 35 2.4 8 368 Chicken, chicken/turkey meal, fish Lentil, pea, alfalfa Grain-free
Fromm Large breed adult gold 14% dry 23 ? 3.8 377 chicken/meal, fish meal, duck, lamb, eggs oats, barley, brown/white rice (Fat may be too high)
Fromm Weight management gold 11% dry 28 ? 9 334 Turkey liver, chicken meal, fish/meal, egg oat, barley, brown/white rice, millet, pea, potato Weight management
Fromm Large breed weight management gold 12% dry 28 ? 7 315 Turkey liver, chicken meal, fish/meal, egg oat, barley, white/brown rice, millet Weight management
Fromm Whitefish and potato 13% dry 26 ? 3.7 362 Whitefish/meal Sweet potato, potato, brown/white rice, barley, oat  
Fromm Gold Coast weight management 13% dry 28.5 ? 6.5 341 Whitefish, salmon/meal, turkey liver, egg Lentil, pea, chick pea, flaxseed, alfalfa Grain-free, weight management
Wellness Complete health healthy weight 12.5% dry 24 5 4 405 Chicken/meal Oatmeal, brown rice, barley, peas, rice Weight management
Wellness Simple lamb/oatmeal 14.8% dry 21 2.7 4.75 406 Lamb/meal Oatmeal, peas, rice, millet Limited ingredient, probiotics
Wellness Simple duck/oatmeal 13% dry 21 2.7 4.75 450 Duck Oatmeal, peas, rice Limited ingredient, probiotics
Wellness Simple healthy weight 10.2% dry 26 2 6 394 Salmon/meal potato, pea Limited ingredient, probiotics, grain free
Wellness  Simple salmon and potato 13% dry 28 1.75 5 446 Salmon/meal

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