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Still researching various puppy foods. Tried my Fromm again and Wrangler just plain doesn’t like it. I was given several food samples and one that Wrangler seems to REALLY LIKE is Nulo Freestule Puppy food but I don’t see it anywhere on your list. I tried to do a search but for some reason I am unable to search this site—tried before and it always returns an empty search page.

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You can't search posts in a group from the main search box. You can search within a group by going to the Food Group Discussions page. Here's the result of a search I did for "Nulo":

There really isn't much info there though.

Most recently, I looked at the brand and liked it, but I haven't had a chance to verify sourcing yet. However, they do carry it at a store here that doesn't sell any food or treats made with ingredient sourced from China.

One big problem for you is that once a dog has been eating a free-dried raw diet, they are usually not going to be thrilled with plain dry kibble. If Wrangler likes the Nulo kibble, I say go for it. I see Nulo also has a line of freeze-dried raw food.

One question: Which Nulo puppy formula did Wrangler like? I ask because they have several. Whatever the protein base is (chicken, salmon, etc) may give you a hint as to what she prefers. They are all different. JD loved fish and wasn't crazy about lamb. Jasper prefers red meats to poultry or fish. If you can pin that down, it may help with choosing food or treats in the future.

The From.Heartland Gold—grain free red meat. The Nulo is grain free turkey and sweet potato.



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