proteinuria and food choices

karen, a month or two ago, i asked for a food recommendation for my dogs both of whom had proteinuria when they had their annual exam.  you mentioned that the key thing was to have more moisture in their food and recommended honest kitchen.  only one of them would eat any of it even if we tried to hand feed.  one even ran from the room. we tried that for a week but just gave up.  since then we have tried numerous canned and tetra pak foods with similar results although only honest kitchen produced the running from the room reaction.   the only food they both will eat is the weruva canned chicken variety.  jasper, the least food motivated dog ever, absolutely gobbles it down.  the problem is that it is playing havoc with his digestive system.  he is having many, many super soft poops per day.  do you have any suggestions?  

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  • I honestly have never heard of any dog who would not eat any type of canned food. If they won't eat that or Honest Kitchen, I'm out of ideas. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. 

    • When Luna had an overnight stay at the vet they said the same thing about dogs and canned food.  They like to feed dogs staying with them overnight tasty canned food because they are SURE that they will eat.  

      I'm surprised as well that a dog would refuse canned.

      Is there something that could be safely added to the Weruva maybe to combat the soft stools?  Hopefully that wouldn't make him run away...

      • Possibly Pumpkin Firm Up!

        • No need to spend all that $ on canned pumpkin. It's just fiber. You can bake and mash a sweet potato much less expensively, and most dogs like it better than pumpkin. 
          For severe digestive issues, pumpkin and even sweet potato won't do much. Again, it's just fiber. 

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