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my 9 week old puppy had his first boat of diarrhea tonight.  He went at least three times in an hour.  The only thing we changed today was he ate 2 puppy Kong chew treats that go in his Kong chew. I picked them up at the pet store for him this afternoon.  He really only ate one as they both broke off inside and he couldn’t get it out.  Would this cause diarrhea or should I be worried he has something else?  He goes to the vet Tuesday for his 9 week visit and has only had his first round of immunizations 3 weeks ago.   I’m worried it could be something worse!  Also, any ideas for easily digested training treats?  We are giving him blue buffalo treats for potty training.  Someone mentioned Cheerios.  Are those OK ?


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Okay, so it's very, very common for doodle puppies to come home with giardia. Since giardia has a 10-14 day incubation period, and you can't have had him more than a week (I hope), you wouldn't have seen symptoms til now. This is one reason we always advise new puppy owners not to change their pups' diets at all for the first two weeks; no new foods, no new trats, nothing. That way, if the pup gets diarrhea, you know it absolutely cannot be anything he's eaten. 

If it's giardia (and chances are good that it is), nothing you feed or do is going to make any difference. You need to get a stool culture done ASAP, which most likely means Monday. I would not wait until his Tuesdays vet visit. Giardia is highly contagious, can be spread to humans, and everything the poop touches indoors and out must be disinfected, so the sooner you start treating this, the better. 
Please look at our recommended treats and food brands list. Blue Buffalo is not a recommended brand; neither are the Kong treats. And absolutely do not give him Cheerios. With the diarrhea right now, I would only give him tiny pieces of plain boiled white meat chicken, or a commercial dehydrated chicken treat like Pure Bites, which is widely available at pet supply stores. Do not introduce any other new foods or treats.

Once you have had a stool culture done and know if he is positive for parasites, we can talk about his diet going forward.
If he does come up positive for giardia, you want Panacur, not metronidazole (Flagyl). Insist on this with your vet. You will also need a good probiotic; do not buy Fortiflora from your vet. If your vet doesn;t sell Proviable or iFlora, order it online and get some plain, unflavored nonfat yogurt in the meantime. 

Also, just as an FYI, he must be closely supervised outdoors. I would keep him on a leash even if you have a fenced yard, to make sure he is not eating or drinking anything out there. And you'll need to pick up his poop immediately to prevent reinfection, so being right with him will make that easier anyway. 

He seems much better today and has had normal poop all day.  I am guessing it was from those darn Kong treats which I threw away.  I will still mention to vet in Tuesday to make sure it isn’t anything more serious.  However he did find a large pile of deer poop in our yard tonight, and no matter what I did he just had to sniff it multiple times.... ugggh....  I will have to look at the food group to find some better treats.  We are potty training him and he really expects a treat every time he goes now!

For now, I would use Chicken Pure Bites for training treats. 
Keeping him on a leash will prevent him from sniffing the deer poop, which could be loaded with parasites. 
If Tuesday's visit is the first one he's had since you've had him, they will most likely want to do a fecal anyway, so you may as well bring a sample. Better safe than sorry. 

About those chicken pure bites... they are VERY crumbly - do not put directly in your pocket, put them in a plastic bag or something first ;)  They are quite messy.  Easy to break apart into nice small pieces for training though.

You can get the poo sample and drop it off at the vet's office on Monday, so you will have answers by Tuesday.



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