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Has anyone has any experience with the following puppy foods?

Nulo  Freestyle

Earthborn Holistic primitive natural or puppy vantage

Wellness Complete Health

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These days, we recommend that the transition not be longer than 5-7 days. When you're ready, I can help with that. 

Thanks Karen,  when we get to that hurdle I'll make sure to reach out.

  1. hmmmm? Not all Earthborn formulas are created equal. Almost all require adding additional proteins. Primitive Natural is the only formula that makes the cut according to The rest are in alpo/beneful territory. Buy the best you can afford but dont be fooled by slick marketing. We can only do what we can do. We do the best we can. The food industry, for humans and pets just stinks!

I agree Connie.  The food industry for human and pets stinks!  There should be better regulations for both.

How interesting! Our doodle has been on Earthborn his whole life and we've never had an issue with growth or vitality due to lack of protein. I would think you'd have to "add protein" if you don't give treats that include protein...though I don't know anyone who doesn't give their dog regular treats ;) 

The info the poster is reading is 14 years old. Ignore it. 

Haha I am in no way interested in changing our food. We've been very happy with Earthborn and it's certainly cost-effective in terms of quality foods. Our pup is healthy and happy and we don't wanna "rock the boat" in our house after having an extremely challenging first year with our doodle and tummy issues. I still credit finding Earthborn (and eliminating chicken) to helping our buddy be his healthiest self. Plus he's not a very voracious eater at this point and he really likes their foods (esp the fish recipe), so we're sticking too it unless they sell or start using crap ingredients/by-products. 

Karen: I have so appreciated all your advice, support, and research of this group in my 4.5 years of having our doodle and cannot thank you enough for keeping up with the latest info with the recommendations list! Total life (and time!!) saver :) 

I'm so glad your guy is doing well. :) 

I bet to differ. The Dog Food Analysis site is woefully out of date and not a good resource at all. Most of their reviews and information is more than 10 years old. Most recent review I saw was from 2010. Their Earthborn reviews are from 2005, lol. Most of the formulas they review aren't even made anymore. Don't be fooled by old out of date inaccurate review sites, is what I would say. And for sure, don't bring it to this group and upset and confuse people with inaccurate information. Very poor source of information, and certainly nowhere near what we provide here. 
As a side note, Alpo and Beneful contain by-products, artificial colorings and preservatives, and all sorts of other nasty stuff. Earthborn does not, not in any of their formulas. 
Earthborn is an excellent quality brand and their protein content is fine. There is no need to add anything. 

Yes you are correct Karen.  The Dog Food  Analysis site has reviews that are very old. Current sites state that Earthborn is a very high quality food.

This group has been a labor of love for me for about 12 years. It was started in response to the 2007 recalls and a friend's loss of her beloved Standard Poodle due to the melamine in the Iams food she was feeding, one of the brands most affected by the tainted ingredients from Menu Foods. Years and years of research have gone into the information here, and that research continues daily. 
Our recommended brands have been thoroughly researched as to sourcing of ingredients (nothing from China or other third world countries, nothing pruchased through third party food brokers), quality of ingredients (no by-products, no fillers, no unnamed plant or animal products, no artificial colors, preservatives, no menadione, no junk) and ethics of the companies making them. We do not list any brand that is owned or made by a multinational corporation. We do not list any brand that does not provide complete transparency as to sourcing and contents. We do not recommend any food whose manufacturer also makes lesser quality foods that do contain poorer quality ingredients. I stand by my recommendations. If I'm not sure about a food from a safety or nutritional adequacy standpoint, it doesn't go on the list. Not every food on the list will be right for every dog, but you can rest assured that all are of high quality and nutritionally adequate; in other words, safe. Never in this world would I ever, ever recommend anything that could harm anyone's dog. To have one of my recommendations compared to garbage is a little bit upsetting, as you can imagine.
As to "slick marketing", it doesn't take much to see that the brands we recommend here are not the ones with the slick TV ads and marketing. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any advertising for any of our recommended brands. That would be Purina, Hill's, and Mars doing the advertising, and those are the brands we warn against. 
Many newer members are not aware of the history of this group, of my educational background, or of the research and standards we use here. I'm kind of proud of the award I was given by this site in recogition of these efforts some years back, and I think this might be as good a time as any to provide a link. Forgive me for tooting my own horn, lol, but this might give you more confidence in the info we provide here.
Thank You To a Very Special DK Member

That's a big job! Kudos



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