Puppy food switch from TLC

I was looking for some discussions on TLC puppy food but the most recent discussion I found was 2015.  I can't find an option to sort search results by date so maybe there's a more recent one.  Unfortunately "What food do your feed your puppies?" Was not a question that crossed my mind to ask since I just assume we are switching a puppy when they come home.

I was planning on switching puppy to Riley's food (Fromm pork and peas) after 2 weeks but because TLC STILL makes you buy 30-lb bags... would it be terrible to just finish off the bag before switching?  

It has a similar protein and fat content to the Fromm (Protein 28%/27% and fat 17% for both) and the Omega 6:3 ratio is about 5:1 in both so hopefully the transition won't be too rough.   The TLC food has grains and the Fromm is grain-free though.  I could also switch puppy over to the Fromm puppy formula that contains grains but I'd prefer to just keep the two dogs on the same food if possible.  The way things are going with Riley though who knows!

Here is the nutritional info:






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  • My problem with TLC is that it is only sold through a pyramid scheme, like Life's Abundance, and that's why you see breeders feeding it. They make commissions from the sales of the food to their puppy buyers. I have not researched TLC as thoroughly as I have L.A., but I'm guessing it's the same in terms of lack of transparency on sourcing and manufacturing (quality control) and lack of flexibility in purchasing. (They make you buy 30 lb bags.) A 30 lb bag of dog food is not appropriate for any puppy, it will lose freshness and flavor long before the bag is empty, unless you freeze it. The pricing on these MLM foods is also way higher than it should be for the quality of the food, mostly because of all those tiers of compensation (commissions) they are paying to the breeder, the person who signed her up, the regional manager, etc. I prefer to spend my money on quality, not commissions, lol.
    Personally, I would bite the bullet on this one. I wouldn't feed the TLC past two weeks unless there are digestive issues; then I would wait until the GI issues are resolved before switching. In the scheme of things, throwing out half a bag of dog food (or even 3/4 of a bag of dog food)  is not going to break the bank, right? 

  • Also, make sure you do not sign up for "autoship" on the food, it will be almost impossible to cancel it. That's how these companies operate. 

    • Yeah it's not the end of the world to get rid of the food it just seems like a waste.   It was actually cheaper than a 30 lb bag of Fromm and I double checked and it's two 15-lb bags.  Maybe I can try to give away the other 15-lb bag.

      I also made sure that they didn't automatically sign me up for autoship and it doesn't look like they did.  I'll just remove myself from their website as soon as the food arrives, though they don't have an option to remove or edit my credit card information which is pretty shady...I guess I'll have to contact customer service.

      • You can donate the unopened bag to any shelter or local rescue group, they will be happy to get it. 

        • The city-run shelter only takes monetary donations but I think there are some private rescues that take food.

          I'll have to wait to make sure puppy has no digestive issue before I give it away though or I might find myself ordering again. :p

  • Good news, TLC customer service removed my credit card info.  No autoship possibly coming my way :p

    I was just preparing the excel sheet for puppy's food calculation and that TLC food is 450 kcal/cup! 

    I sort of forgot how calorie dense the puppy food is.  Riley's Pork and peas that I'll switch puppy to (assuming all goes well) is 392 kcal/cup, maybe he'll be happy with the bigger portion lol.  

  • Toby has had some diarrhea the past 2 mornings.   He starts off with a normal poop before breakfast, then after breakfast has about 3 progressively looser stools until the last one is pretty much liquid.  

    He's otherwise behaving normally and his poops later in the day are normal.  
    I don't think it's anything dire since he's totally fine later in the day, hasn't had any vomiting and the diarrhea isn't persistent.  

    A few days ago I changed to giving him more kibble in the morning (1/2 cup of his 1 1/4 daily portion) because he still seemed really hungry after what I was giving him previously (1/4 cup in the morning).  I think maybe it's too much at once for him, stimulating his digestive system too much and causing the loose stools.  

    Does this sound like a plausible cause of the loose poop?  I have read that over-feeding can cause diarrhea in pups.  I'm going to scale back tomorrow to 1/4 cup and see how he does.

    I'm really hoping this resolves itself so we can start to transition off the TLC in a week.

    • Too much food can definitely cause loose stools, although it doesn't sound like you are feeding too much. Have you already switched his food, or are you in the process of switching? That can cause some digestive upsets too. 

      • We are still only feeding him the TLC, not even any treats.  

        He just had a normal poop after the last diarrhea about 2 hours ago.  It's so odd.

        I didn't think it would be too much given his daily amount, but maybe he's just not used to that much at once.  

        Maybe 3 meals of 1/4 cup each and the last 1/2 cup for training would be a good balance for now.

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