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We've always talked about being able to switch flavors between the 4 Star line of foods without transitioning, but some of the flavors are grain free, and some of them are healthy grain. I've only ever fed the healthy grain formulas (not because I'm afraid of DCM, that's just what I've always fed.) But can I, or should I rotate through the grain free formulas too? 

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Why is everyone rotating proteins at all? 

There are a couple of reasons to do it. It provides variety in their diets, it may help keep them from getting bored with their food, and it may help prevent food allergies.

I really think all this hoop jumping to provide dogs with variety of kibbles and toppers to entice them to eat is just putting human wants on our dogs. Providing a top of the line, nutritionally balanced kibble should be enough in my opinion.


I think I see my boys making some Please Adopt Me cuz my mom serves boring  dry meals. :-)

Toppers and enticements, I would agree with you in many cases. But I don't think it's "hoop jumping" to buy a different "flavor" every other bag or so. You're buying a bag of food anyway, it's not any extra trouble to buy the fish formula instead of the beef, or whatever.

Orijen fish formula is way, way more expensive and why I don't switch to that.  I do get what you are suggesting.  :-}

Yes, that would be a consideration. With most of the brands, there is only a small difference in price between say, beef and chicken, and sometimes no difference at all. 

If I remember correctly, the red meat Orijen is even more expensive than the fish.

It used to be any way.  Also the red meat choice says it is expecially for very active dogs which my guys really aren't.

I've never used toppers, the most I would do to entice is add a bit of water, which I did with Luna occasionally if she was feeling a bit funny.  Rotating flavors is good for them though I think to provide a more varied diet.  The formulas may be nutritionally balanced but there are plenty of other compounds in different fruits and veggies that are beneficial so I think it's good to change them up.

You shamed me into it.  If I switch from Orijen, I will let my boys experience flavors.  :-}

Maybe they will quit walking up and down the sidewalk with their signs......

Anyone know offhand which fromm four star formulas are the pricey ones? Riley is loving the chicken a la veg so far, it was $95 a bag, wondering where it sits on the four star price scale :p I'm guessing it's one of the cheaper ones since it's chicken.

I don't understand Canada pricing. I hope you make significantly more than I do if you're paying $95 for a bag of Chicken Ala Veg! I think that one is $54 at my local store. 

You can check to compare prices on the different formulas. I think their pricing is a little off compared to the store I shop at. I think it's about right for the grain free formulas, but high for the healthy grains. The thing that bugs me is that the grain free foods come in 26 pound bags and the healthy grains are 30 pound bags. I know you feed less with grain free, but that much less? I want my 4 pound of food back! ;)

Anyway, yes the chicken ala veg is the cheapest (at my store it's definitely the cheapest pet flow actually shows pork and applesauce a couple cents cheaper) But salmon ala veg, pork and applesauce, duck ala veg, and whitefish and potato are all in the same ballpark. It goes up quite a bit (even for chicken) when you switch to the grain free.

Ok thanks!  That's what I was guessing with the prices.  We're probably going to stick with the "a la veg" stuff just to keep things simple but I expect her next bag will be $105 or something.  

The $95 does include tax but yes, that is a huge price difference.  You have to keep in mind the CAD vs. USD difference too so if you convert that $54 to CAD it's $72 CAD... $20 price difference is pretty big.  

With Luna we fed Acana which may have been cheaper since it was Canadian.  Since there is that uncertainty with Champion Foods' future though we decided to just start Riley on Fromm.

The store we buy Riley's food is probably more expensive than most because it's a small boutique store but they are local and we like to support them.  They also have a policy of not buying anything imported from China so I like that as well.  We recently bought Riley a GIANT split antler from there and it was $40... super expensive but like DH said, better the $40 antler than having her chew our furniture or baseboards (which she has done in the past lol... one of her nicknames is "termite" for a reason).

We do have 2 decent sized incomes so that definitely helps things.  We also don't drink or smoke, don't eat out/order in often and very rarely go on vacation so we have more disposable income for the pup than most ;)



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