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Finally!  Going to get a discussion started with good (and safe) dog treats!


As a reminder, any treats made from a company listed in our Recommended Foods list will work, so I am not going to list them here. Visit this link for those brands:


In addition to our recommended food brands, the following are good treat companies:


Bocce's Bakery:



Diggin' Your Dog:

Etta Stays:

Fresh is Best:


Get Naked:

Healthy Partners:

Jones Naturals:

Northern Biscuit:

Old Mother Hubbard:

Pet Kind:

Plato Pet Treats:

Polkadog Bakery:

Pure Bites:

Real Meat Pet:

Salmon Paws:

Sam's Yams:

Spot Farms Pet:

Trader Joe's:

Tucker's Bones (chicken jerky that is safe!):

Tyson's True Chews:


Wet Noses:



Please, if anyone has suggestions or additions, comment here, so we can get them added, research, etc...


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I only buy Riley's food and treats from our local pet store - they management there seems to be very conscious of buying stuff with good sourcing.  I asked them once about their pig ears and they said "oh no, we wouldn't buy anything that possibly came from China".  Their stuff is a bit more expensive but worth it for peace of mind.

Leashes, collars, stuffies or other things like that she doesn't consume... Amazon or big box stores all the way lol.

Very good policy. 

I know this brand is on the recommended list but does anyone know if these last a bit and maybe could be used as a dental chew?

What product are you asking about, Nancy? 

Any on the treat list.  I rarely give treats but I’m looking for something that might might require a bit of chewing thus helping keep teeth clean. I’ve been clicking on each link and perusing each product but thought others might have used something on the list that is a treat but has enough substance to work preventing tartar build up. Clancy and Charlie will chew on harder things but Ned doesn’t. Since we had his teeth cleaned recently, I’d like to give him something harder to chew. If it’s a treat, he’ll love it. :-)

I don't think there are any "treats" that will keep teeth clean. There's always been the idea that hard foods keep the teeth cleaner than soft foods, but it isn't true. That would be like saying that pretzels or corn chips help keep our teeth clean, lol. The only food-type item that helps with keeping the teeth clean would be the chews, which we have discussed here quite a bit. The things that they will scrape at and gnaw on, and I know you have an issue with things like antlers that can also cause them to break a tooth. The only other suggestion I can make is dental chews; things like Whimzees, or some of the C.E.T. products. Whether they really help or not is debatable. 
I give Jasper a Whimzees toothbrush or stick maybe once a week. You can buy them by the piece at a lot of the nicer pet supply stores, for under a dollar each for the smaller ones. They are also available online in bulk packaging, I think. 

A couple months ago I started giving them Whimzees Stix daily, but I thought if I wanted to keep it (or something like it) up, I should get something on our list. 

We are also using a water additive (Nylabone Advanced Oral Care).  I don't know if one or the other has helped, but Clancy no longer needs to have his teeth cleaned (yay), but he also began chewing on the one antler that we have out in the RV.

Perhaps I'll keep up with what I'm doing - you know us crazy doodle owners, always looking for something better. :-}

RO and I always find killer deals on whimzzes on Amazon

I sure didn't this time, Jolene. 

It's a hit and miss, RO is much better than I at finding the deals

I see that Chewy carries them for a good price:




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