Finally!  Going to get a discussion started with good (and safe) dog treats!


As a reminder, any treats made from a company listed in our Recommended Foods list will work, so I am not going to list them here. Visit this link for those brands:


In addition to our recommended food brands, the following are good treat companies:


Bocce's Bakery:



Diggin' Your Dog:

Etta Stays:

Fresh is Best:


Get Naked:

Healthy Partners:

Jones Naturals:

Northern Biscuit:

Old Mother Hubbard:

Pet Kind:

Plato Pet Treats:

Polkadog Bakery:

Pure Bites:

Real Meat Pet:

Sam's Yams:

Spot Farms Pet:

Trader Joe's:

Tucker's Bones (chicken jerky that is safe!):

Tyson's True Chews:


Wet Noses:



Please, if anyone has suggestions or additions, comment here, so we can get them added, research, etc...


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      • I don't do antlers (my dog never liked them and then I learned they were bad for their teeth) but I was using bully sticks with one of those holder things that keeps them from eating the end piece. Also Himalayan Chews and the rare esophagus.  Obviously supervision always, but since my dogs are both gnawers I can breath a little bit easier since they're not gulping them down. Whimzees just got too sticky. I admire both yourself and Jolene from meeting you guys once at a Romp so if you're not using any of those treats, it gives me pause to reconsider. 

        • Several of our romp group do Whimzees, some do bully sticks with their pups. I think it mostly depends what kind of chewers you have. Say hi to Boomer for me. 

  • I see that Chewy carries them for a good price:

  • Good afternoon!! Someone at a local pet store was handing out samples of Jones Natrual treats. I see that it it is on the safe list for treats, but I was currious if the same goes for their bones. The store is running a deal on their bones but I wanted to make sure they were considered a safe product before I buy!

    • If a brand is recommended, that means everything they make is recommended. We include chews & bones as "treats" for the purposes of this list. 

  • Have you checked out the dog treats offered at Trader Joe’s? Some look to be pretty good.

  • Oops! Never mind. I see you added them to your list since I first read this list. Thanks!

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