Should I Switch to a Senior Food?

* Gavin is over 11 years old 

* He had been on GO! Grain Free food since 6 months old. He gets a heaping tablespoon of Merrick GF canned food or fresh frozen trout chunks (which we catch) as a topper.

* At his last wellness visit the vet was very impressed with his fitness level and his senior blood panel results were "fantastic"

* We were noticing some stiffness getting up in the morning and have been giving him 2 tablets of Flexiden daily as recommended by his vet. The stiffness disappeared within a month.

* He get 1000mg of EPO daily.

I have attached analysis of both foods, plus the Flexiden and a pic of his trout feast 😁 TIA 


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  • I was all prepared to say there is no reason to switch to the senior food until I looked at the nutritional analysis. It is so much better than the adult food. Lower fat, higher fiber, lower calories (which matter to all of us as we get older, lol) and most importantly, a much better Omega 6:3 ratio, which may help with joint issues as well. I think it's a good idea, provided it agrees with him.

    • Thanks Karen! Can you teach me how to decipher the Omega ratio? I though that higher percentage would be better 🙃

      • Higher Omega 3 percentages are great. Higher Omega 6 percentages are a disaster, lol. What matters most is the ratio. Ideally, you want a ratio that is no higher than 5 to 1.
        To figure out the Omega 6:3 ratio, you simply divide the Omega 6 number by the Omega 3 number. The adult food has a ratio of 6.75 to 1. 
        The senior food has a ratio of 5.5 to 1. Amazing how lowering that Omega 6 content by half a percent (from 2.7 to 2.2) makes such a big difference, isn't it? :)

        • Aha! Well thanks for that lesson. I understand now.

    • Also they are both turkey and duck recipe so that should be good. Just a scary step after 11 years of perfect stools lol.

      • I totally understand being scared by a food change when everything has been perfect with his digestion. I would be scared too. I am hoping that the lower fat and higher fiber will help minimize any digestive upsets. I think in this case, because the foods are so similar (I think; I haven't looked at the full ingredient list), you would be fine doing a gradual transition. You can always stop the switch if the senior food doesn't work out.

        • He has a pretty good stomach (touch wood). Thank you for the reassurance. 

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