Switch Wellness formula?

My ALD is almost 3. She's been eating Wellness Simple Turkey and Potato kibble most of her life. She tends toward having a sensitive stomach/diarrhea, but does well on this food. At her annual check-up last year, the vet recommended switching to a grain food. I briefly tried it (with a good transition) and it didn't work. Right to diarrhea. So, back to Turkey and Potato it was. This year the vet said that the grain-free is fine, since I tried grain and it didn't work for her, but I should maybe think about switching her away from a potato- based formula. So, I'm wondering, is it worth it to try the duck/oatmeal Wellness Simple version or should we just stick with what has worked thus far? I've read all about the grain/no grain controversy and feel confident having her on grain-free but not sure about the long-term potato use. Thanks


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  • There's nothing wrong with potatoes. I had a doodle with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and he ate Salmon & Potato kibble for years with no issues at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, lol.
    I learned many years ago not to discuss diets and nutrition with general practice vets. It's been well-documented that there is no nutrition curriculum in vet school, and what they do learn about pet food comes directly from the sales & marketing people at Hill's & Purina. There is no evidence that eating a diet that contains potatoes does a dog any harm over the long term. 

    • Thanks, Karen!

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