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My 14 mo. mini goldendoodle has been eating Fromm since I switched her at 3 months from the breeders food. She has never been an excited or quick eater. Usually I know she is unlikely to eat in the morning or when I stop at home during lunch so she gets one meal at night which she will eventually eat. To be honest I do add in toppers to make her more interested.

Lately, I've been thinking about moving her off of the Fromm (I've tried a couple of different Fromm flavors by now) and over to Orijen. I'm just curious to see if there is any food out there that she will actually WANT to eat plain and simple when I offer it to her.

Am I over thinking this? Should I just leave her on the Fromm or try the switch to Orijen? 


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There are lots of foods out there that she will want to eat when you offer them to her; but she probably won't want to eat them a few days later, lol. 
Which Fromm formula are you feeding? What kind of toppers are you using? What else is she getting in the way of treats, chews, etc?
Here's the way you handle picky eaters:
At mealtime, give her her food and sit down right nearby to keep her company. Maybe have a snack or meal yourself. keep distractions to an absolute minimum- nobody coming in and out of the room, nobody calling out from other rooms, no major acgtivity going on nearby- nothing to distract her from eating. Encourage her to eat and keep directing her attention back to the food bowl. If you have to, hand feed her.  After 15 minutes, pick up whatever food is left and do not offer food again until the next scheduled mealtime. It may take a few days, but she should start to get the message. 
I may have more advice after I know which formula you're feeding, what the toppers are, etc.

We started on Fromm Puppy Gold. At 10 months I switched her to Salmon a la Veg. Then I thought she might be more into a grain free formula bc of the higher protein content so we tried Beef Frittata. Her last bag was a small one of Duck and Sweet Potato. I went back to grain on the last bag because of the “grain free scare” and the fact that she doesn’t have issues with grains.

For toppers I use Instinct Raw Boost mixers. Also some shredded cheese.

She doesn’t get treats at all during the day except when she goes into her crate in the morning and at lunch she gets two Wellness Bites.

She usually has a bully stick laying around that she pays no attention to except to move around the house and re hide over and over.

Try the feeding protocol I mentioned above. 
I'm having a similar issue with my 8 mo old puppy. If he were full grown, I wouldn;t be so concerned, but at this age, he needs to eat. Most days, I hand feed him. 
My guy prefers the higher protein formulas which are the grain free formulas- Beef Frittata, Surf and Turf, and Rancherosa. I'd stick with those and try rotating them. (There IS no "grain-free scare". It's a complicated issue, but it really doesn;t have anything to do with grains. We have several discussions here in TFG about that).

The thing is, no matter what food you try, she is eventually going to turn up her nose at it, because she's been taught that if she holds out long enough, she'll get something "better". Here's a link to my favorite dicussion about this; please read it. It's fun and funny, but you might also have a light bulb moment, and at the very least, it will stop you from going down a slippery slope of trying to find a food your picky eater "likes". :);



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