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I was just wondering if anyone else is a troll on this FB group and what are you thoughts on posts and comments?  First I have to mention that I follow the Food Recommendations of this group and believe Karen over any of the posters in that group, but I can't help myself trolling the FB Group...I'm becoming an addict...LOL!  I can't believe some of the posts, here is an example of just one:

Emily Keller Mathews

9 hrs · Ridgebury, CT

Diagnosed two lovely Golden’s with nutritionally mediated DCM yesterday who were at my clinic for elective surgery. Thank goodness we caught it first. Father and son, 6 and 2 years old. The son is actually more affected than the father. Both dogs were eating Merrick grain free their whole lives.

Owners were absolutely horrified and switched foods right and started taurine supplements. You would never have guessed looking at these dogs that they were ill, and I’m so grateful for this page for giving me the knowledge to catch it early and save them. Both dogs look like they will be able to reverse their disease with diet change. I will he reporting both cases to the FDA- I put in a call already today. Do you guys have more luck reporting online or by phone?

How could she possible know for sure that it was food related? I feel like that group is becoming a "Terrorist Group" for dog owners.  

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You and me both, kid.


I’m also in that group and they are crazy for sure.  I only read very little and hardly comment at all.  I did comment on how I find it funny that all the food recommended is owned buy those doing all the research.  Well let’s just say I ticked off a few people.  

Some of of these crazies remind me of the anti~vaxxers.  

My daughter and I had that exact conversation last night.

Elizabeth....I had to remove myself because I just could not read it anymore.!



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