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Dear Food Groupies, 

In light of recent news about Champion selling through Petco, and the rumors that the company may be sold to Nestle-Purina, I think it might be time to change the photo in our Recommended Brands section. 

Cute as it is, if I have to take Champion off our recommended list in the future, I think a photo of a dog with a bag of food from a brand we don't recommend is not going to be appropriate, lol. 

So...if you are feeding a recommended brand other than Orijen or Acana, please take a cute photo of your doodle(s) with a bag of his or her food, and post it here. (PLEASE try to embed into the discussion rather than posting a link to an attachment, if at all possible.) 

Here's a link to the Recommended Brands page  with the current photo of adorable Ragley:

Please don't make me have to get Jasper to sit still next to a bag of his Fromm long enough for me to get a decent photo!!!! 

Thank you! 

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NOOOOOOOO. so sad about this. Guess it’s time to look at next choices. 

What????? NO!

At our romp today we had such fun trying to snap photos of our dogs with another approved food brand.  Some were not so successful, but some were pretty cute. We had owners hiding behind the bench to keep their dogs in place.  We had holes in the bag to make it enticing. And we had doggie crack - peanutbutter!  Here are our best attempts:

These are so great! I might have to rotate the photos, you guys are getting such good ones, too hard to pick just one.

Thanks!  We really had fun with our 'assignment.'

Such awesome pics! Thanks Nanc for all your hard work and patience! 

My photos are terrible, but I sure laughed while I was trying to take them. Maggie was afraid of the food bag. Katie just wanted to eat it! But we gave it a shot.

Very cute! Thank you!

So fun. - Barkley was afraid too when normally he’d want his head in the bag!


Cute picture, thank you!

It was fun trying to get a shot, wasn't it.  I especially like the way Katie is sniffing the bag. :-}



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