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Good morning all!! I just went to grab a bag of Wellness Simple dog food for my boys at one of our local stores. There is a huge sign by the wellness line saying that they are discontinuing the Simple line. Has anyone else heard this? I tried to do a DK search on it, but for some reason my search is not working. I am soooo hoping this isn't true. *Knock on wood* Yeti hasn't had any tummy issues since January 18 and id very much love to keep this streak alive. 

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We had a discussion about this last summer.

The "Simple" line is being discontinued BUT the good news is the Salmon and Turkey formulas are now in the Complete Health line, and are called Complete Health Limited Ingredient. Exactly the same formulas. The bags are blue. Be sure to get the right one, lol, as there are a lot of formulas in the Complete Health line.

Fantastic !!! I knew it was probably discussed before, and I knew you would know best! Thank you so much :)

Karen, do you think its still safe to order the Simple from Chewy? I guess the reason why I didnt realize it was being discontinued was because we usually just always order our food from Chewy.

I think it's fine. 



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