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What to Feed to Gain Weight

I have been MIA around here for a while, but luckily, “the Girls” have been healthy for the most part - until recently. I started home cooking for them a few months ago and they love it. They both have lost weight, but Maddie, who has always been big

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Need help choosing puppy food!!

This group has been of GREAT help to me as I research what type of food to feed my new doodle baby! I've finally narrowed down my search to the Wellness brand. It seems to be great quality while not breaking the bank too much and it's on Amazon and C

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Fungi Treats?

I promise I'm not considering feeding the girls treats made out of Koji (Aspergillus oryzae) as the protein. But I was randomly browsing the internet and I stumbled across an ad for this, and I thought, "well that's the weirdest thing ever. I better

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