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Best food for skin?

My goldendoodle is 6 years old. Recently, she has started to get sebaceous cysts. And,she also got another large growth on her leg which she is currently on antibiotics for (it is going away thank goodness).  The vet suggested I start giving her fish

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Tired of the same food

I think this is an easy question. I think Maggie is tired of her food. She's been eating the same thing for a long time, and she's kind of blah on it. She's my most reluctant eater anyway.

She's eating Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Beef. She's m

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Fetch Fuel supplement

Hi again everyone,

I was looking at the Fetch Fuel supplements the other day while shopping and was interested. I cant seem to find too much information on them on the internet. The store I buy from is not a large company and they usually only sell hi

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Food for sensitive stomach

I posted a few weeks ago about our 8 month puppy Taco. He has been on wellness complete health puppy (chicken) grain free and then with grains version since we transitioned him at 10 weeks. He ate a rope toy ( we think) over a month ago. Multiple vet

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One more puppy food question

Still researching various puppy foods. Tried my Fromm again and Wrangler just plain doesn’t like it. I was given several food samples and one that Wrangler seems to REALLY LIKE is Nulo Freestule Puppy food but I don’t see it anywhere on your list. I

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Struvite Crystals

For the past six months, Charlotte's pH has been fluctuating and she has had a number of urine tests with some showing struvite crystals and some without. An x-ray was taken in December and revealed no bladder stones. Our vet concluded that Charlotte

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freeze dried puppy food

I’m looking for a dog food to transition my puppy to (breeder fed life’s abundance). I tried him on Stella and Chewys freeze dried puppy food and he loves it! He does a happy dance all the way back to his crate at meal time. The only thing I didn’t r

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