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Doggy Doo Drain - A Fabulous Poop Solution!!!

If you've got Poop in your yard...you NEED this!

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  • Selma, I'm sorry to hear this. You might ask in the Health & Medical Issues Group. I haven't heard of any dogs here with EPI, but most of the dogs here are relatively young, and it usually affects older dogs. There are some very good support groups on Yahoo Groups for owners of dogs with various chronic health conditions. My guy was diagnosed with IBD recently, and in the Yahoo support group I joined there are several members whose dogs also have EPI. It's most common in German Shepherds.

  • I was woundering if after reading about poo problems if anyone has any problems with Pancreatic Exocrine Insuficency with their doodles? After 5 weeks of mudpies,stress,testing,12lbs weight lost,worrying,this is what we just found out this week what Chesney has.Does anyone know anything about this in doodles would like to hear from anyone. Thanks Selma & Chesney

  • My first poop question. Sophie is 3 months and she is eating my impatient flowers that I have outside. Her poop has been soft paste for 3 days. She seems healthy , eats her food, drinks and plays. She also eats grass and sometimes dirt. Any advice? I had her poop checked at last visit and it was ok but it wasn't paste then.
  • Are you sure you are not poking a rock? LOL
  • It means you are colored blind and you really should not be sticking your fingers in the poop to see if it is hard or not!


  • Hey everyone  what does it mean when the poop is hard and almost black ?
  • i had to share this - http://i.imgur.com/S0UZQ.jpg
  • So you've had him since he was 4 weeks old? 3 months - 2 months = 1 month. But that can't be right. Can you post your potty training technique and if he does this in front of you or not?
  • Rua's poo was kinda green this morning...and she just went again and it still is.  Any ideas?  No change in food.  I am sick...caught a cold or something at Christmas.  Could Rua have it too?  She was pretty tired last night...actually layed on the floor (not what she does usually on her own without a toy).  Oh...and my husband just walked in on her eating a truffle treat from the cat box!  Oh my!  That's new (I think)!

  • Dori - Jack is 6 now, and we are often surprised and amazed that he does the same thing! (where does it all come from???!!!) It often happens when he is at the dog park, not so much at home.
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28 days and now what?

So our sweet pup is back to diarrhea and I'm not sure what happened or changed. He's been on proviable for 28 days and wellness limited ingredient and we thought that did the trick! His poops were great, with the occasional "soft but formed" ones whenever we had company or we take him out. Those always returned to normal within 1-2 poops. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? I watch him like a hawk outside to make sure he doesn't eat anything he isn't supposed to. I'm just so so…

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diarrhea; sensitive GI issues/possible recurrent parasite

We need some serious help! Our sweet 6 month old standard golden doodle has had recurrent diarrhea since we got him at 9 weeks old. We've put him on a bland diet; started panacur and metronidazole (per vets recommendation)- I also started him on a probiotic (he was on fortiflora for about 7 weeks, which was just crap and I switched him to what the breeder recommended called digestisure- anyone heard of that?)... Im also starting to mix Wellness grain free puppy with his bland diet. His poops…

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HELP!!!!! Fatty Tumors in Stool??!

Steve is quite the mystery pup. He is almost 6 months old. Recently (two weeks ago) we left him with a dog sitter who had two dogs and a cat. When we got him home he was very quiet and distant...not himself and drinking a ton of water. Fast forward 4 days later, he passed these fatty/fleshy tumor looking things in his stool and came home with fleas GRRRRRR. The vet is at a loss as to what it could be, they tested his fecal for parasites and they came back negative. He wanted to treat Steve as…

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Pooping 4-5 times a day ok?

Hi everyone,Cooper (15 week on Sunday) doesn't really have a problem but I just wanted to make sure I'm doing his potty training right.  He poops about 4-5 times a day, most of the time because I take him there to do it.  He is always on a leash when he goes potty.  Sometimes when I think he should go and he doesn't, I guide him back to the potty area again.  I might try this three times and if he doesn't go then we leave the area.I guess my question is should I force him to go if he doesn't…

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