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So I am new at this dog stuff and I am wondering if you all could tell me from experience how often a puppy should go poopy. Right now we are once in the morning and maybe once at night. Does this sound right or should it be more?

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That sounds right to me, from what I remember of Jack (he's 7 now). 

I hope you'll get some other responses / other feedback, but that is what I remember....

Good luck with your new puppy!!


I can't really remember back to puppyhood but right now both of my dogs average about 3 times a day.  Some days once more and some days once less.  Usually morning, early evening, and right before our walk which is late afternoon just before dinner.  Some times Cubbie likes to go a 4th time in the middle of the day just to mix things up a bit.  :) 

I depends greatly on the type of food  you are feeding your dog also.

If you are feeding a corn-based food, expect a lot of poo, yellow in color, and very mushy.

A better quality of food, lessons the amount of poop times per day.  Think about it--when you eat corn, you know how that story goes  :)

If you have more questions about poop vs food, join us in the food group.

My dog does not go a lot, stools are dark, and much less mushy.  

Congratulations and good luck on your new puppy

Thanks for all the replies! I am still evaluating his poo situation since I have only had him for a week. I guess I am just trying to make sure the food I am currently feeding him is ok. We have him on Nutro natural choice for large breed puppy's. Not my ideal choice in food but it is what we got when we got him. His poo smells pretty bad and so does his breath. Does this mean I should change his food and does anyone have any good suggestions?

check out the Food Group.  There is a whole discussion on Recommended Foods and A LOT of helpful information.



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