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28 days and now what?

So our sweet pup is back to diarrhea and I'm not sure what happened or changed. 

He's been on proviable for 28 days and wellness limited ingredient and we thought that did the trick! His poops were great, with the occasional "soft but formed" ones whe

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Is this even possible?

I seriously thought about taking a picture, but that's pretty gross... 

So Ember has been on antibiotics which have really messed with her digestive system. She's been having pretty loose poop and the pumpkin has helped a bit, but this morning... whoa

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Doodle Diarrhea

I have a 13 month old doodle who has had issues with loose yucky stools off and on since we've had him.  At first we thought it was something he got into.  BUT!  This week he's not been able to hold his poop during the day and had accidents in the ho

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Up all night...

Monty has a diarrhea that kept us up all night last night. The poor dood asked to be let out every 3 hours so we are all dragging today. The last time he went out was 3:30am and did not want to go out when my DH was leaving for work at 6am. So I was

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