This group provides a "safe place" for members to share their experiences with training, celebrate "big and little successes" and gain insights as we encounter challenges, to support one another, and to explore how our mindset affects our training.




QUESTIONS REGARDING PUPPY BEHAVIORAL CONCERNS (less than 4 mos of age) are better placed in the Main Forum or the Puppy Madness Groups.  Once our Doodles reach the age of four to five months, they are ready to begin their obedience training, and this is the place to share experiences.



Congratulations HATTIE!!!!!






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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THESE TRAINING GROUP CGC WINNERS!  Please remember to post a picture of your Doodle whenever they complete any training designation so that we can continue to add to our collage.  If I missed anyone here, also please let me know.




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Training Collars Vibration Only

My goal is to teach Charlotte to not touch any off-limit items while we are out of the house. I am afraid that she is going to get hurt by exploring things that don't belong to her such as the contents of handbags, jacket pockets, baskets -- you get the idea. This only happens when we are gone and only on occasion, but the snooping and chewing needs to stop! I purchased a two-way remote camera so that I can set her up for unwanted behavior, view, and respond when it happens. Besides the option…

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10 Replies · Reply by Laurie, Wally & Charlotte Jun 25, 2021

Wrangler Training Update

It has been so long since I’ve posted anything on Wrangler’s training. Thought I’d catch up all at once! Wrangler had his initial puppy training at Petco. When he was six months old I hired a private trainer (Kevin) and, 1 1/2 years later,  we’re actually still with him. I just wanted to encourage those of you who are training your puppies that persistence and reputation will make all the difference in the world!  Kevin, from day one has told me frustration and complacency are the biggest…

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6 Replies · Reply by Diane Margetts Feb 8, 2021

First OB Trial coming this month for Boca!

Boca and I are signed up for our first Obedience trial.  We are going to try for a leg toward a Companion Dog title...eeek!Last week I called a trainer and popped in to her class before it started for a run through.  She had never seen us train/work before and felt like we were going to pass.  Though Boca completely was distracted and failed 2 out of her 3 recalls -- UGH.  I had my kids with me in a gym none of us had been in before.  And once my kids left the building to go play outside, Boca…

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2 Replies · Reply by Adina Mar 2, 2020

My first "Fun" Match!

The family and I spent a whole 4 hrs at a Fun Match at a training club an hour away.  It was really great that I did this because I would have bombed horribly at a real obedience trial.  So many little things you don't realize until you've practiced outside your bubble.  And I'm not talking distractions, but what you can and can't do with your hands, best way to approach a figure 8, that you should bring a crate, etc.   Boca and I participated in Novice Obedience and Beginner's Novice.  Novice…

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17 Replies · Reply by Adina Jan 14, 2020

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  • Maggie and Stacy, you rock!!!!

  • Congratulations Stacy and Maggie!

  • Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you! Well done!

  • Guess who got their Novice Trick Dog title tonight!?! Yup, it's Maggie. 

    I Still Believe In Magic CGC, TKN

    I am so incredibly proud of my girl. She's really learning to be brave. She loves riding in the car and going to class. And this was just the best confidence building and socialization class. My shy girl was making friends and letting strangers pet her. She's learning to live her best life. 

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