First OB Trial coming this month for Boca!

Boca and I are signed up for our first Obedience trial.  We are going to try for a leg toward a Companion Dog title...eeek!

Last week I called a trainer and popped in to her class before it started for a run through.  She had never seen us train/work before and felt like we were going to pass.  Though Boca completely was distracted and failed 2 out of her 3 recalls -- UGH.  I had my kids with me in a gym none of us had been in before.  And once my kids left the building to go play outside, Boca just wanted to stare down the door they left out of.  So she just sat there staring the first time.  The second time she got distracted by the trainer's dog that was in a travel crate--her dog whimpered at JUST the right/wrong  But overall she felt like we would pass.  I think the distraction was actually a problem in the sense that it was very specific and focused and she might actually do better when the distraction is distributed more evenly throughout a room.

I'm also having a hard time making myself go out and practice...more procrastination days than practice days.  Sigh.  I might email that trainer to see if I can pop into a class and do some more work on the side lines.




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  • Kudos to you for attempting this. I know you'll do great! And you may inspire a few of us to try it ourselves. :)

    • Thanks Karen.  I really hope we pass.  While a high score would be super cool, I just want to pass and move on to the next trial.  

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