Nothing In Life Is Free

The "nothing in life is free" approach has been mentioned in a few different posts.  I was thinking about this today, and realized that this may not be familiar to everyone.  Here's an article about it that I really liked.  It's something I still use with both dogs every day.  If anyone else has an explanation of NILF that they like better, please share it.

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  • NILF alone fixes most owner's problems.
  • I like that part that talks about fussing over too much.
  • I think NILIF is a very useful practice.  Those little moments of doggies turning on their brain and calming down for something is very helpful.  I think of it as chaos reduction.  If nothing else it forces you to practice your dog during the day.  I don't really use it myself, but I do try to use the obedience they know as it is needed.  I've only recently have been making R & B wait for a release before they zoom out the back door into the yard.  Mostly just for chaos prevention because I want them to be used to waiting before rushing out and knocking over a toddler or harassing whoever might be in the yard.   But I rarely make them do anything to earn their meal--I mostly feed them as quickly as I can because they are usually out of their minds before meal times and all I'll get is big puddles of drool if I make them wait more than 5 seconds =)    I will make Boca sit before petting her but I don't consider it her 'earning' the affection as much as HOPEFULLY teaching her to do it automatically INSTEAD of what she typically does is jam her nose into you.
  • Glad I found this - thanks for the link Jane.  Geez have I been horrible about Taquito. I wonder why he's the alpha dog.  He doesn't know how to sit!  I don't make him wait for his food, like I make Peri. I don't make him to soooooo much like I make Peri.

    And now he's bossing the baby around and trying to protect me.  I've got to work on this and will start implementing things soon.


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