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Riley was definitely a kangaroo in a previous life and loves jumping.  Unfortunately that includes jumping on our furniture at every opportunity...often when running at full tilt when we are playing which is causing her claws to scratch the couches...not good.  

She responds to "off" and gets down right away and then I praise her but I'm not quite sure how else I can discourage her.  

Just today she discovered that she can get onto the couch where she is tethered when DD is playing with stuff Riley is likely to try to steal (like Lego and puzzles or stuffed toys). 

Ideally in the future we would like it onto be "invite only" but for now she is just not allowed to keep things simple.  

Any suggestions?

Here is a pic of her looking mighty guilty before I kicked her off (again). You can see the tether leading off to the right, it's attached to the couch frame.  She used to be tethered to the dining table but she pulls it too easily...solid wood table that seats 8 lol.  Darn horsey.

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We have a designated "dog couch" in our family room.  The dogs are allowed up on that couch & on no other furniture.  They know that & don't even try to get on any other furniture.  The Hubby or I usually sit on that couch with the dogs, so they get lots of snuggles & smoochies there.  It's a happy place for them. 

I've got a mom-shriek that's amazingly effective for getting dogs, kids (& spouses!) to suddenly stop what they're doing & the dogs learned quickly that other furniture was off-limits.  It's not a really a shriek, but I can't figure out how else to describe my sound!

She gets down as soon as I even look at her most of the time.. little stinker KNOWS she isn't allowed and does it anyway! 



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