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Isn't it disappointing when you take the dog for "a really long walk" and then then you get home and Map My Run says it was only two miles? I just really wanted to say that.

I have never had much success walking two dogs at once, but I admit, I've never worked very hard at it. That said, I would really like to be able to walk Willow and Maggie together and I could use some suggestions. 

Maggie is walking really nicely on leash these days. Willow is of course, a work in progress. But she's not doing too badly. 

I own a splitter, so I could theoretically walk both of them on the left of me. And I think that I would prefer that to having one on each side, but I'm not sure... maybe one on either side? But in obedience we teach them to walk on the left. Will I mess them up if sometimes they walk on the right? 

And do you all think I should wait to try it until Willow is pretty good at walking nicely first, or do you think that Maggie would help teach her what to do?

I am always so amazed when people can manage two at once. I think I'm impressive when I have one who walks with me without pulling and tripping me everywhere.

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I'm following this because at some point, I'm hoping I'll need to walk two at once.

I do think that they should both be on your left, especially if you have any hopes of obedience titles in the future. I also think you need to have one hand free, and not a leash in each hand. 

I think you're correct about keeping them on the left. There are a couple people in Willow's beginner class that are pretty insistent about teaching their dogs to walk on the right and I think the instructor's brain exploded. She did not know what to do with that information. 

Our instructor encouraged it said you have more control when your dog is next to you? Different techniques for different folks.

Your dog is next to you when he's on your left just as much as when he's on your right, lol. 

Sassy was trained on the left and josie was trained on the right so they are both next to me on either side. Our instructor did not like the idea of two dogs to one side.

  1. My two were initially trained to walk on either side and that's how I prefer it but unfortunately together mine are horrible walkers. They are like toddlers wanting to be the first in line! We've added a third dog and have yet to get in sync. I'd say give it a try, start a short distance then increase. I also found if I can tire them out first they walk better together. 

I agree, they always walk nicer when they're tired! You see pictures of dog walkers with like 12 dogs at a time. They must have a secret. I can't imagine how that works. I must find the secret!

PLEASE SHARE when guilty find that medical answer. Lol

Okay, I have to know what this was supposed to say, Jolene! LOL

Me too!

I feel like it's something my tablet wants to write for me when I'm writing an email in French.  Also looks like some of the emails my mom writes from her phone (she doesn't notice the autocorrects).  

Ugh dumb phone, guilty should be you and medical should be magical. Sorry my phone tends to change words as i'm hitting send??

Mine does that too. I hate it but it does make for interesting posts.....



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