Training Collars Vibration Only

My goal is to teach Charlotte to not touch any off-limit items while we are out of the house. I am afraid that she is going to get hurt by exploring things that don't belong to her such as the contents of handbags, jacket pockets, baskets -- you get the idea. This only happens when we are gone and only on occasion, but the snooping and chewing needs to stop! I purchased a two-way remote camera so that I can set her up for unwanted behavior, view, and respond when it happens. Besides the option of verbally correcting her via the camera unit, I am also considering buying a remote collar that vibrates. I imagine baiting her and leaving the house (staying outside) and then using the collar to scare her when she goes through whatever I have intentionally left out. Here's my question: What vibration-only e-collar have you had success using? 

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  • This is not what you asked, but I am genuinely curious as to why you don't simply crate her or otherwise confine her when you aren't home? 

  • I'm also wondering, if nobody is home, whose purse or pockets could she be getting into? 

    • We have been confining her to one room with an attached bathroom (so that she has access to water), but still she has been getting into mischief. For instance, she tore open a package of wet-wipes that was in a basket on the bathroom floor. Plus, we travel a lot and need to be able to leave her at a friend's or relative's home without fearing that she will get hurt or ruin others' belongings. 

    • Honestly I would just crate her.  Riley is nearly 3 and we just crate her if we're not home and we can't take her with us, it gives us peace of mind and she won't get into anything.  Toby of course is still a puppy and he's crated for similar reasons.

    • I agree. My previous dogs always had the run of the house when nobody was home, once they were housebroken, but they were dogs who didn't get into things, chew inappropriate objects or eat non-food items, ever. And while I'm far from an immaculate housekeeper, I've been living with dogs for 63 years and keeping hazardous things out of reach is just second nature to me now. But Jasper came home from his breeder crate trained, and he loves his crate; he often naps in there with the door open even when I'm home. With a teenaged grandson in the house who doesn't always remember to close his bedroom door or remember to bring food & dishes back to the kitchen, it was just easier to continue crating Jasper when I'm not home. And if I ever have to leave him somewhere else, his crate is easy to transport.

    • How old is Charlotte? Are these new behaviors for her?

    • She is 9 and the behaviors are new.


    • I am interested in suggestions for vibrating e-collars, please. 

    • Laurie, that's unusual in my experience. It might be worth talking to the vet about this. 

    • You know, I can't say that it has never happened before, but the frequency now is the problem.

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