Ok...who travels with their doods? Where have you visited together? What accommodations have you found that are dood(or just pet) friendly? Planes, Trains...Automobiles...how do you travel? Tell us stories, show us pictures...give us vacation ideas!
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  • My concession to a health certificate is a record from my vet that my dogs are UTD on vaccines.  What it really says is when they are due for new shots - I keep one in my glove box.

  • Thanks everyone. I think I'll just take her shot records with us. 

  • karen ... i heard this once as well and asked my vet about it. She said u r supposed to have one to travel to another state. I did it once and since then i like carol just travel with my vet records which i need to take anyway. we go from ohio to fl all the time and have never been asked
  • I had to have a health cert driving into and through Canada.  A health cert is just a summary of health status/vaccinations and your vet should give you one for free!

  • Has anyone been stopped while traveling by car with your doodle and asked for a Health Certificate from your vet? We are planning a trip to Florida from Ohio and our vet said we would need one of these. The cost is $15 and is good for 30 days. We will be gone for 2 months. What do we do for the last 30 days? He did say that so far his patients haven't need it. Any thoughts?

  • We are planning a daycare camping trip week after next to Warren Dunes on Lake Michigan. We have taken Nana Grace on shorter trips with the children but this will be our longest to date. Anyone have any tips that they use when traveling with their doodle? Or with doodles and children?

  • Thanks for this post, Irene.  We are taking a trip in June and may go to these areas.

  • We just returned from a short road trip on the Northern California coast and into Southern Oregon with Coco. I am happy to report that both the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden and the Humboldt Botanical Garden are dog friendly. Mendocino has a nice outdoor cafe. Humboldt charges a $5 dog admission fee and has dog memberships, along with five miles of beautiful hiking trails. Both are wonderful places to visit. No problems finding dog friendly hotels. We stayed at the Andiron Inn near Mendocino in Little River and the historic Hotel Arcata as well as two Best Westerns and a La Quinta. Ashland Oregon has a nice dog park and a dog friendly cafe/brewpub. We all had a nice trip.
  • Cute pic of Duke!  I too am interested in taking Picco to Europe.  I've heard it depends on what country you are flying into. I worry of how he would take the plane trip.

  • Love the Duke in Paris photo! Would love to take Coco to Europe at some point but am wondering about the flights there and back. Any info re airlines and how that part of it went would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Air Travel

Coby did great during our 8 hour drive to CA last month and we'd booked her cabin travel with us for August but now questioning how feasible this is. She's a mini-ALD and will be 8 months old then, currently weighs 14.5 lbs. -- but has long legs. The flight will be just under 5 hours. If she was to fit in a carry-on which I have to take her to try out soon, I wonder how comfortable she would be in such confinement for that amount of time.  Curious to hear if anyone has taken a dog of that size…

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Pet Sitters when Traveling

Has anyone ever done this?  I know it may sound extreme but since we had a bad experience with a our last dog at a hotel and will be traveling with a puppy to CA next month, I actually went on care.com and hired a pet sitter to stay with Coby while we go out a couple of evenings. I figured it's worth the peace of mind. Or merely over-indulgent???

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