If you have a puppy/dog from Trina's Doodles and Poodles, come join the group and see who is related. Have fun sharing stories and pictures.
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  • Happy Birthday to my brothers and sisters! Love Marley
  • Happy 10th month Birthday to all my siblings out there from Tigger's and Brownie's 1/8/08 litter...aren't we all just adorable!
  • It was with tears and joy that we rehomed our Macy from the 07/07 litter of Tigger and Brownie this weekend. We pondered this decision for a very long time and while we certainly had interest, we just had not been 'sure'. A while back an email came in that I could not bring myself to delete, I kept coming back to it as we looked at the growth of our breeding program in our small home. This weekend we had the most delightful surprise, in addition to finding what I believe will be the perfect home for Macy, we found friends. My children and I adored Nita, Tom and their doodle Goldie ~ who longed for a doodle sister. My son out of the blue today stated 'Mom, our doodles have the best families!' I could not agree with him more. So fellow members of Trina's Doodles and Poodles Alumni, please help me to welcome Nita of Alachua, Fl ~ human mom to Goldie & Macy. I know you will find her to be as wonderful as we think she is. And I hope you do not mind if I still pop in here, after all once family, always family!

    Blessings ~
    Trinity Doodles
  • Anyone out there have a pup from Tigger and Ruby? Cooper was from Ruby's very last litter ever- born July 2007. Cooper is extremely similar to his daddy Tigger. He is a F1B, but took on the funny gene that made him more like a F1. Needles to say he doesn't resemble his black curly mommy very much!
  • Yay! Which poodle did you get......they ALL are so gorgeous!!
  • Trina! Thanks so much for hooking me up to this website. It is so much fun already. -course I can't resist the cute pictures of the doggies too. Do you know how to do a little slide show thing? I would love to put one on my page. Thanks also for the comment too! You guys sure make cute little puppies!
  • Yes, I remember her from the litter....like a little lamb!
  • Yes, she was the cream girl. Kodie looks so much like her too. DNA is a wonderful thing!
  • Hi Amy, Which one was Marley...? Was she the cream colored girl..?
  • Marley is also from Tigger and Brownie's Jan 08 litter. I read your description of Sienna and I could have been reading about Marley. She too gives hugs and rears up when people come over to the house. They could be twins with the exception of their coloring!
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What are you feeding your doodles?

I'm curious as to what everyone here is feeding their doodles. When they came to you, they were eating Royal Canin. Have you kept them on this food, if not, what made you decide to change? What are you feeding them now, and how is that working out for you and your doodle? Did you find your doodles having issues with the Royal Canin or any other food that you tried them on?, If so, what issues were they having?I'm just curious as to what you foods you like and why? As, I'm considering a change…

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January 2008 Litter

Hi Litter mates!How is everyone! What have you been doing? How is every one growing? I want to hear everything:)-------------------------------------------------------------------------GiadaWe all are about eight months old......can you believe? Giada went through a problem time, but is much better now. Her training is going very well, but as you all know we're not done yet.She is still in her crate, and because of the chewing (which has improved)she will not be out of it until she's about 18…

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A Simple Way to Help Doodle Kisses GROWWW!

I created a flyer last night that I will be posting at local pet stores and handing out to local groomers, vets, etc. Thought some of you might be interested in spreading the word about this fun website too. So I'm attaching the PDF file below. No pressure, but if you are so inclined, I'd love it if you printed one out and took it to your groomer or vet or elsewhere where other doodles might roam =)DoodleKissesFlyer.pdf

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