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  • Looking for some suggested Goldendoodle breeders close to Maryland.
    • you should look into tlc by the lake!
  • We have a deposit on an F1/Multigen Doodle. It will either be late Nov. or March before we will be getting out puppy. I gained so much information from this site when we adopted our first doodle, Webster, almost 13 years ago, I wanted to get plugged in again. He was a very special dog as I know everyone believes their dog is the MOST special. We lost Web in March of this year. When Web was 2 years old, we adopted a rescue from DRC. We believe Fitz is an AussieDoodle. He is now about 10 1/2 years old. My main reason for wanting to join this group is to be the most prepared I can be as it's been a long time since we've had a puppy.
  • We've put a deposit in for a multi generational Standard Labradoodle due to be born the first week in September.......... The wait is killing me! We're hoping for a Chocolate Parti....and I have no preference for male or female.... in looking at the waiting list and upcoming litters from our breeder we will probably have first or second pick....we'll see! So exciting!!!
  • Hello! We are waiting for a mini sproodle puppy. :)
  • Hi. I'm new to doodlekisses. We have placed a deposit on a puppy born Aug 18 and so we have until October to learn and prepare and be excited! Hi fellow puppy people. :)
  •   As many of you know, I lost my beloved 6 year old australian labradoodle, Paz to T cell lymphoma in May.   I had placed a deposit on a puppy from a planned litter, and the breeder contacted me with the great news that the mommy dog is pregnant, and the litter is due September 7th.  I should be able to fly to North Carolina on November 11, to pick up the puppy! 

  • We met ours as well last weekend, and she pretty well choose US.  When we got there they were all in a pen, and she waddled right up to us and stayed with us for the whole visitation.  We did play with all the puppies but when it came down to it we had an instant connection with this one.  And since we had first pick it worked out perfect.  TEN more days until we bring her home....this is worse than Christmas. LOL

  • I got to meet my puppy last weekend!  He is officially Boston McDoodle and so cute.  He was shaking like crazy when I picked him up at first, but I put him down and let him explore and by the end he crashed on my lap:)

    His Gotcha day is Aug 12th (20 days!).


  • Lynda, she is just gorgeous.  I'm going to be picking up a puppy in November and taking it on a plane with me.  Just wondering how big your puppy is, and what carrier you used, as well as the size?

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Have placed a deposit on a standard size Australian Labradoodle to be born at beginning of September

Hi All, I was the mom of an amazing labradoodle named Paz, who at the age of 5, was diagnosed with lymphoma in November 2015, and after waging a courageous battle (chemotherapy/radiation treatment), Paz crossed the rainbow bridge one month ago.  Paz became a registered Pet Partner therapy dog at age 14 months;  I am Director of Children's Services at the NYC Family Justice Center in Brooklyn and for the past four years, Paz accompanied me to work where he provided amazing support to the…

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Doodle baby girl in 6 to 9 months from moss creek

We gave our deposited a couple of weeks ago for a mini golden doodle girl. She won't be here for 6 to nine months. We have a 10lb havanesse/bichon lucy who just turned 9. We lost our 10 year old bichon Daisy last 4th ofJuly from an aggressive cancer that took her in a week. We can't wait to bring home our first doodle and our first bigger girl. Can't wait to learn even more more about our doodle baby

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Tell Kids or Don't tell kids... what did you do?

Hello! I just found out we will be getting our girl (still working on name) at the end of November! I'm so excited and nervous :) I've successfully made it out alive, four times in that newborn/toddler sleepless night stage but have never raised a puppy before!! I grew up with a dog and we adopted a dog from another family 4yrs ago when it was 6. She sadly passed away this summer and my kids were devastated. My youngest who is five asks or prays daily for a new dog. She wanted a "puppy" themed…

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Meet our new Australian Labradoodle named Cooper

We are just over a week away from being able to bring home our new baby and we are super excited. It was a very hard decision on which to pick out of the littler but we loved how he interacted with us in person and the parti colors. We have loved watching him grow since he was born and can't wait to have him home with us next week! He is a full breed Australian Labradoodle from Chattanooga, TN.

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