Hi All, I was the mom of an amazing labradoodle named Paz, who at the age of 5, was diagnosed with lymphoma in November 2015, and after waging a courageous battle (chemotherapy/radiation treatment), Paz crossed the rainbow bridge one month ago.  Paz became a registered Pet Partner therapy dog at age 14 months;  I am Director of Children's Services at the NYC Family Justice Center in Brooklyn and for the past four years, Paz accompanied me to work where he provided amazing support to the youngest victims of violent crime, including accompanying them to court during a trial.   Needless to say, my heart was broken when Paz passed away.    I've decided to get a labradoodle puppy with service/therapy dog potential, who could continue Paz's amazing legacy of helping young crime victims.  Towards that end, I've placed a deposit on a standard size labradoodle litter with a very reputable breeder in North Carolina, whose mission is to breed labradoodles whose temperament and health make them excellent candidates for service/therapy dog training; many of this breeder"s doodles are mobility assistance dogs, diabetic alert dogs, assistance dogs to veterans with PTSD and so forth.  This breeder has a professional individual evaluate the puppies when they are 7 weeks old,  for their service/therapy dog potential, and she will select my puppy after the evaluation is done.  She will also be consulting with the Pet Partners trainer/evaluator who trained Paz, throughout the selection process.  In any event, the breeding is taking place next week, and the parent dogs have undergone and passed all the extensive health testing required by the ALCA and ALAA; the breeder will only do a partial spay or neuter on the puppies, so as to allow the production of the hormones until the puppy reaches adulthood.  My beloved Paz was neutered at 6 weeks, and since that time, there has been mounting evidence linking the potential relationship of early spay/neuter and the  development of cancers (lymphoma) as well as joint disorders in young dogs; having lost my beloved Paz to cancer when he was only six, I want to reduce any potential risk factors over which I have control.  Assuming the breeding is successful, I should be able to take home a puppy by the first week in November; Paz was a large, standard doodle, and this puppy should also be a large standard doodle.  Not sure whether it will be a male or female, as that will be dependent upon the results of puppy aptitude test.  There are not enough words to describe how much I miss my beloved goofy, gentle Paz, and hopefully a puppy will help ease the pain I am feeling.   I live in Battery Park City, NYC which is in lower Manhattan, across from the  World Trade Center site and my apartment is beginning to look like a puppy nursery as I've started to prepare for my new arrival.  Battery Park City is an  incredibly dog friendly community with beautiful dog parks that have small pools/fountains and great parks. I just can't wait to meet and hug my new puppy!

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  • I'm so sorry for the loss of your Paz.  He sounds like an amazing dog.  Congratulations on your future doodle, I hope that he/she is able to measure up to Paz's memory :)

    • Thank you for your kind words.

  • Congratulations!!!  Waiting for your new puppy is so exciting. 

  • Great news! Congrats on the upcoming birth :-)
  • Congratulations! Having loved and lost dogs before, getting a new puppy can take the edge off, while keeping Paz's memory alive. BTW - I'm jealous of where you live. I've visited Manhattan several times and loved the Battery Park area.

    • Thanks so much.  Battery Park City is really a great place to live and the dog owner community is huge, and lots of fun.  Most of my friendships are with other dog parents....we have so much in common and all love our dogs so very much.  Paz went everywhere with me;  he was a real "city dog" in that loud noises didn't bother him and he loved riding the subways.  I'm really looking forward to a new puppy, although I will readily admit walking a puppy in the middle of a cold winter's night will take some adjusting, but I can't wait!  My apartment feels so lonely without Paz's  big wagging tail greeting me at the door.  If you ever come to Manhattan, please let me know.  I'd love to show you around my neighborhood. 

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