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  • FREE DoodleComfort Grooming Demo Day in Oregon, USA!

    To give Doodle owners in Oregon, USA the chance to meet me, see what I am about and experience my expertise with their own eyes, on their own Labradoodles, Golden Doodles or Poodle mix breeds, I will be giving a free demo day next tuesday 11th March, from 11.00 am till 18.00 pm.

    Want more info?

    I hope to see you there!

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  • Here are some details about the Doodle grooming workshops in Oregon in 2 and 3 weeks.

    It is a 1 day workshop in which you will learn both the basic and the advanced grooming.

    Dates: 4,6, 11, 13 th March
    Location: Portland or Sherwood Tualatin (depends on which location is free for rent)
    Time: from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm incl lunch
    Rate: 20 people is $ 500,00 pp, 25 people is $ 400,00 pp (special pilot prices, because these are my first grooming workshops in America :-) For $ 150 extra you can bring your partner or child

    Because I am planning to rent a space I need to know how many participants I can count on, before I rent it.

    Would you please do me a favor and e-mail me before tomorrow (Monday 24th February) on
    1. A final YES or NO + if you want to bring your partner or 1 child
    2. A recent photo of your Doodle + info about it’s size (mini, medium or standard), age and if it’s the first time grooming or not (I need this info to select the right grooming equipment)
    3. If you can not bring your own Doodle, would you like to borrow one from one of the Orgeon breeders?
    4. Which date you prefer (I have to make groups consisting of 5 or 6 people, and fill 4 or 5 workshops)
    5. If there is anything I need to consider regarding lunch (allergies etc)

    I am going to rent one of the locations tomorrow (Monday) and will let you know the adress and other details later this week. I will have my webmaster build a save online payment option, so that everything has been taken care off when you do the workshop and all you have to do is show up and enjoy the day.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Love, Wanda

  • The Doodle self-grooming workshops will be held either in Portland or in Sherwood in the 1st and 2nd week of March. Will anybody that showed an interest contact me, so that I can do a headcount, make a nice final price offer and put things in gear? :-) XXX

  • I think I got it! In trying to find out how to make my grooming workshop in Oregon possible (as a first workshop abroad of many I hope), I have now created workshop prizes based on a sliding scale discount  This way many people get the chance to do a workshop for an affordable price. I left out the grooming tables and made package options for those who would love to buy the right grooming equipment. This way everybody get's what they want, no hidden costs and better yet: everybody get's to learn how to groom their Doodle professionally, in a natural looking way  

    I am happy, so I hope you will be too. Read the details on my website:

    Grooming workshops - DoodleComfort
    Grooming workshops
  • If I were to give a 1 day Doodle grooming workshop in Oregon in the first week of March. Who would be interested?
  • We had a blast today at Ross Park in Vancouver. It was cold but Sunny and Linda, Tula and Michelle and Beu-D showed up to play plus we met another couple with a little f1b labradoodle who was shaped like a small standard poodle and just as dainty. You could see when Daisy my standard poodle and her stood next to each other they were made from the same cloth. Her coat was black and really soft. Most labradoodles I've met have had wiry coats and more coarse then soft. That's why I really liked the Goldendoodle. Toby is as soft as a cat. Anyway it was fun. Me and Linda both share littermates and so we exchanged tips on our digging and chewing aussiedoodles. It's funny that they're both going through the same stages at the same time. I hope more poeple show up next weekend. :)

    Toby after a long play date..
  • Toby when he was a puppy! Aww! He's HUGE now!
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Just Moved To NW Portland!!

Hey Doodlers! I just moved to the PNW, specifically the NW side of Portland from Henderson, NV! Where are some of your favorite off-leash dog parks? I live right across the street from PCC-Rock Creek which advertises a dog park but when Aspen and I ran over there yesterday, all I saw was a grassy area and people with dogs on leash! How strange! Back home our dog parks were huge grassy areas (fenced in) where dogs ran free! Do you have a favorite area to take your Doodle to run free? Thanks!!

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doodle hugs needed

Hi everyone, I live in Europe and will be on a business trip for one week starting Nov 18th staying in Portland.I would like to use the opportunity to maybe meet some beautiful Portland area doodles while I am there and terribly will miss my 2 boys who will stay home.I have never been apart from my boys longer than 2 nights so I will have a hard time and could use some doodle hugs then.If anyone wants to meet or there is a romp please send me a message. I could also use some tips around…

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Muddy in the NorthWest! How do you keep your Doodle clean?

How do you keep your doodles clean during the winter months in the North west? This was asked in the North West Doodles group and I thought it was a GREAT question. We have a big side yard that wraps around the house and we have a doggie door that goes out from our dinning room to the side/back yard..well they were going out there and getting soooo dirty and then they would come running back in and jump up on the couch or worse in bed with us all muddy and wet!So, we built a picket fence with a…

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