Let's see if we can collectively plan a trip to the beach next year, with our doodles and families. The west coast has some beautiful dog beaches and plenty of beachfront rentals where we could stay. Time of year, length of stay and pin pointing a location are all to be decided in this group. Let's post ideas and make this into a reality!
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  • Linda - I went the last week of April and it rained one morning but we still went to the beach and let the dogs play.  We had the entire beach to ourselves.   The rates increase on May 1st so that was another bonus of going in April.   Few people, decent weather, good rates = happy doodle mom!  :-)

  • Just thinking about the west coast doodle get together.  Julie ~ when you were in Cannon Beach in April did you have good weather, or was it raining cats & dogs?  We usually go in June.  I am open to the first 2 weeks in October 2013, or wait until 2014.  Anyone else have an opinion on this?

  • I'd love to attend too. My vote is the Cannon Beach area. I was just there last week (met some half siblings...of the dogs) and had a blast. Weather was great and we had the beach to ourselves. My vote is September/October when rates are lower and the beach is more empty. If it can wait, I'd even suggest next April. It was the perfect week with good weather and few tourist.
  • I would love to attend a West Coast doodle event.  We are home now through at least September, so I am open to most dates.  If we can get one established, I'll get it on the calendar!

  • Hi everyone,

    Are you still interested in a West Coast doodle event?  We should start looking at dates & places to stay since we're already so far into the year...what works for you?  Let's start with the month, then the place...

  • I'm meeting four other doodles in Cannon Beach April 28-May 1. Everyone is welcome to join us.
  • Hi Sue,

    What part of the West Coast do you live in?  We are in Sonoma County.  I hope your day is going well.

    Karen, Dale & Traz

  • Ok Sue, I am in!

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Put on thinking caps

Hi all, I have not forgotten our discussion of a West Coast Get together. Just waiting for the Doodle Cruise news to help get up fired up and really get our collective creative juices flowing. We won't have dancing waiters or room service probably, but we will have our doodles if we plan it for a dog friendly environment, which is the plan.So, after we all enjoy the cruise pictures and stories, we can come back to planning.

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