This group is for those of us with puppies or dogs who look far more like the Golden or Labrador halves of themselves than the Poodle half. This group is for us to recognize the Poodle traits that shape our dogs while sharing experiences.

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  • I hear this all the time. "Is this really a Labradoodle?" "She doesn't look like one."
  • My daughter will be bringing a double doodle puppy into her home in a couple of weeks. I had no idea about all the different coat types! I have decided it would be fun to speculate on his adult coat and to document the "journey". From what little I have learned so far, I think the pup (currently 6 weeks old) is showing signs of "furnishings" which I assume suggests he will look like a doodle than a lab or golden??
    • Pictures please, Diana.
    • I am not sure how to post pics in the comment box. I did post some on my personal page. My daughter visits him a couple of times a week and already there are changes since just a few days ago! It looks like you have LOTS of Doodle experience. Maybe you can help me guess which part of his family tree he will resemble--lol
  • Cuties! I have a F1 Standard Golden and thought he would be flat coat too. Well... not so. His coat changed about 3 times, and is soooo handsome.
  • Hi all,
    My doodle is 14 weeks this coming week. I thought she was going to be a flat coat but she isn’t looking like most flat coats look in the head and nose. Have you seen any late bloomers for furnishings? I am genetic testing her this coming week just to know, and see what percentage she is
  • Hi all, I have a F1 mini goldendoodle Indie Rae. She is currently 13 1/2 weeks old 16lbs and doesn't really have any furnishings and a VERY interesting coat. I have been searching all over the forums and internet to see if anyone else has had a pup with her coat, and have not found anything like it. At first glance and in pictures she looks very fluffy and soft, but actually does not have a soft coat. Her coat feels similar to an alpaca's. Except for the hair on her face and ears are soft. She mostly looks like she has a straight coat but the hair that she sheds when I brush her is very tight curl/kinky. Also her hair does not easily brush out and knots up. I've been brushing it once a week. When I give her a bath it takes forever for her hair to soak up the water. It literally just beads off her an is almost impossible to get soaked. But the plus side is that her hair dries very fast. Which doesn't make sense at all since it beads off like low porosity hair. I'm so confused about her current coat type and what it will look like later. I live with my parents and my father has allergies to dogs but not severe. We plan to get her tested, I'm just hoping she is hypo allergenic. We plan to keep her either way no matter the results since we are all very attached to her. She is such a lover and very smart!!! What are your thoughts about what her future coat might be?
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Sadie, the doodle that looks like a retriever

 Hi there! I thought I would update with pictures of our Sadie girl - "double doodle" with F1 goldendoodle mom and F1 labradoodle dad, and obviously open-faced and unfurnished. She is now about 60 pounds and very tall at 9 months old and is such a well-behaved, sweet girl. She obviously looks more like a black golden retriever, but we think she's gorgeous and perfect just the way she is! Her coat is still wavy and super soft; she has always had sort of a long fluffy mohawk all the way down her…

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4 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Jul 10

Where's my doodle

Hi! This is my amazing pup, Maple! This is our first F1 Goldendoodle pup. As a young pup she seemed to have some faint signs of furnishings, but those seem to go more flat recently. Her body is pretty wavy with some long hairs starting sprout around her mouth and body. I know it seems to be a roll of the dice, but does anyone have any idea what our pup will look like grown up? 5 weeks8 weeks12 weeks13 weeks

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Adult coat and furnishings

We recently welcomed a new addition to our family, an 8 week old F1 Goldendoodle. His father was a poodle and his mother a Golden Retriever. We were a bit confused as to his coloring since the breeder had indicated mocha while the attending vet suggested blonde. In our efforts to confirm his coloring, we became increasingly curious as to what his adult coat and furnishings would be. I have attached photos of his 8, 10 and 11 week photos. We would like to express our gratitude in advance to…

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3 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Mar 11