This group is for those of us with puppies or dogs who look far more like the Golden or Labrador halves of themselves than the Poodle half. This group is for us to recognize the Poodle traits that shape our dogs while sharing experiences.

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  • Hello Doodle family : so as you all have informed me that my expensive from a breeder golden doodle will shed and he does , hair flying in the air and on every surface i the kitchen . Can someone recommend a good lint brush? He is 4
    months old and I have went through 3!
    • I have an 8yo F1 standard Goldendoodle who sheds and we use the 3M sticky lint rollers. Bed Bath & Beyond has the Jumbo rollers in 3 packs. Note: If you do a quick brush everyday, it helps with the flyaways.
    • I've had the velour-type style that Anne has and the regular sticky rollers and I think the sticky rollers work better on clothing that is a very different colour than your dog. If you just need to "reduce" the amount of hair and not get every piece then the velour type works well and is reusable which is a nice bonus. Luna shed like CRAZY and I just sort of resigned myself to the fact that I would have some dog hair on me lol.
    • I have used this type of lint brush for more than 50 years (stil have my original one) with great success.
      They can also be purchased in multiples.

      I noticed that OXO makes one too that has a container that cleans the brush.
    • Oops, just saw that you are looking for a lint brush, I thought you meant dog brushes.
      I'm not sure what a lint brush is, but we used lint rollers, had them all over the house. You can get them anywhere.…
    • The #1 All Systems Pin Brushes are great, and less excpensive than many. This is one of them:
      The other thing I would suggest is a shedding rake, which is an inexpensive tool that does a great job of getting the loose fur out, so you have less hair all over the house. This is an example, Amazon also sells them:
      Pin Brush | #1 All Systems
      PIN BRUSH “35MM. BLACK” Large Large Oval headed, extra long, contoured and lightweight hardwood handle, 35 mm. extra long pins are smooth, have round…
  • Thank you all for the input, as they say it is what it is. I had a Bichon: love of my life for 16 years . So I thought to try something different. Oh boy! He is different.
  • The breeder told me he would be curly/ wavy and I am hearing flat and nothing is making sense ! And I could have picked a multigenerational but I was told F1B have a lesser chance of shedding. Oh well he is cute for sure !
    • Oh my gosh is he adorable! Your breeder didn't tell you the truth. Sad, but that's the truth. If your puppy sheds now, he will continue to shed. He might get wavier, but he's going to continue to be absolutely adorable and look like your image of a scruffier--look doodle - my favorite. Truly, if you have big time dog allergies, he's probably going to aggravate them. If your dog allergies are not huge - take OTC allergy meds and it will probably be okay.
    • And he IS adorable, for sure.
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f1bb puppy - open face

I have a confirmed f1bb mini goldendoodle that has an open face.  I originally got her because I was looking for the most likely not to shed goldendoodle (f1bb).  She is only 15 weeks old now but based on the DNA test she should be a heavy/seasonal shedder.  Not ideal but we have had nothing but shedding dogs our entire lives so no biggie.  She doesn't shed a whole lot right now but we will see if that changes.  I've learned alot about goldendoodle genetics since I got her.  We definitely like…

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3 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Jun 20

Will Max doodle?

Hi Doodlekisses peeps! This is Max, mini multigen goldendoodle. I was wondering if y'all think Max will doodle? He is lacking some facial fluffiness :) What do y'all think? Do you have a goldendoodle that looked like Max as a pup? 

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2 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Feb 2

Future coat predictions!

Hi! We got our Murphy 2 weeks ago and love him so much! He is a 10 week F1 mini golden doodle. He definitely looks more golden than doodle to us. We have noticed that his fur on his legs/paws, eyebrows, around his nose, face, and wings have grown a lot in 2 weeks. His body fur is fluffy with a slight wave to it and his facial fur is straight. Just wondering if anyone had predictions what kind of coat he will end up with? Will he eventually look more doodle? thanks!!!

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6 Replies · Reply by Erica Jan 5

Will she be curly?

This is Holley. She is 10 weeks old now. Her dad comes from a lab and poodle; her mom comes from a golden retriever and poodle. I saw both of the parents. They were both were really curly. I saw the whole litter and Holley was one of the curliest, but as she's gotten older it's starting to go away. Do you all have any idea what she'll look like?the first picture is her around 4 weeks, then 6 weeks, and now 10 weeks   

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2 Replies · Reply by Adina Dec 26, 2021