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Open face doodle?

10806145276?profile=RESIZE_710xHello! My 18 week golden doodles coat seems to finally be growing but on his face it's still pretty short, is he maybe a late bloomer or open face golden doodle?
i will post a current photo and one when he was approximately 9 weeks. 

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2 Replies · Reply by Mike Greenwaldt Sep 22, 2022

Will Max doodle?

Hi Doodlekisses peeps! This is Max, mini multigen goldendoodle. I was wondering if y'all think Max will doodle? He is lacking some facial fluffiness :) What do y'all think? Do you have a goldendoodle that looked like Max as a pup? 


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2 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Feb 2, 2022

Future coat predictions!


We got our Murphy 2 weeks ago and love him so much! He is a 10 week F1 mini golden doodle. He definitely looks more golden than doodle to us. We have noticed that his fur on his legs/paws, eyebrows, around his nose, face, and wings have grown a l

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6 Replies · Reply by Erica Jan 5, 2022

Will she be curly?

This is Holley. She is 10 weeks old now. Her dad comes from a lab and poodle; her mom comes from a golden retriever and poodle. I saw both of the parents. They were both were really curly. I saw the whole litter and Holley was one of the curliest, bu

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2 Replies · Reply by Adina Dec 26, 2021

Where's my doodle

Hi! This is my amazing pup, Maple! This is our first F1 Goldendoodle pup. As a young pup she seemed to have some faint signs of furnishings, but those seem to go more flat recently. Her body is pretty wavy with some long hairs starting sprout around

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Coat/Shedding Predictions?!?!


We just got Willie in January and he's now almost 4 months. He was shedding like crazy (worse than any golden I've ever had) until last week when his coat seemed to stop shedding 80%. I'm hoping it lasts, but I've never seen a goldendoodle coat

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8 Replies · Reply by Ben Brophy Apr 26, 2021

Golden or doodle??


We are totally new to this!  Our first and only puppy we've ever had (a chocolate lab, Bruno) was 16 years ago, and after we lost him earlier this year, we've just gotten our first goldendoodle!  Freddie is a sweetheart, and totally in your face,

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10 Replies · Reply by Anna-Marie Beard Apr 10, 2021

Adult coat and furnishings

We recently welcomed a new addition to our family, an 8 week old F1 Goldendoodle. His father was a poodle and his mother a Golden Retriever. We were a bit confused as to his coloring since the breeder had indicated mocha while the attending vet sugge

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3 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Mar 11, 2021

Do you see the poodle?

Hello everyone! May I introduce you to Bink? He is 8 weeks old and is an F1 goldendoodle from a Englisch Golden Retriever and en Standard Poodle. He is very smart and learns very quick. He is so adorable and sweet!



But I have a question. We chose Bink

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34 Replies · Reply by Mosey-Sandy Mar 21, 2020