Stumped on weak furnishings

Hi! We have an F1b Goldendoodle (mom is f1 Goldendoodle, dad is a purebred poodle) so by all genetic means, our puppy should have inherited at least one of the furnishing genes (dad tested FF, mom F/IC) but here he is still unfurnished and looking like a golden retriever! We are stumped. We were told by a geneticist at PawPrint genetics that he could have inherited weak furnishings and they’d show up later but he said usually by 6 months and there are no signs of that. What could be going on!? He’s the only pup in his litter like this. 
his coat changed very early (she's his puppy coat at 3 months and it's now coarse/wavy) but not much change in his face. 

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  • Thanks for your reply Mike. I have scoured the Internet and cannot seem to find anyone in our same situation or with experience with potentially weak furnishings. Most people don't even understand the basic F/IC genes lol. I know I didn't until we actually looked into to getting a golden doodle! 
    The reason we haven't done genetic testing with embark is because I've read several reviews that they are not quite as accurate with the complexity of goldendoodle genes  especially the shedding gene. I spoke with a geneticist at paw print genetics where the sire had his testing done. The geneticist said that at the time of the sires testing they didn't recognize and test for the weak furnishing gene yet. His results came back FF. So he said the most likely possibility is that he is actually F/Fw. This would mean our pup likely inherited IC from mom and Fw from dad. So we've been waiting on some weak furnishings to come in. But there are really none in sight except maybe a few wispy hair's coming from his snout!

    I haven't been about to find any examples of a pup developing late furnishings which is why I posted here hoping to find someone in the same boat but I haven't found anyone that actually genetically should be expecting their dog to have furnishings. 

    His coat now is wavy and coarse on his back. But I wouldn't describe it as wiry. His legs are pretty short and straight hair. His ears are very wavy/crimpy. Tail is also short hair, although his tail is crazy long! He is currently five months old so I'm sure he could still change it just seems hard to imagine! I've attached a few updated pics. His shedding is pretty minimal now which also seems to be an anomaly for having no furnishings! But we're grateful about it! 10740975263?profile=RESIZE_930x10740975101?profile=RESIZE_930x
    thanks for your insight! 

    • Yeah our dogs have very similair coats.  My pup is 5 months old as well.  She is a toy/mini so she is only like 12lbs right now.  Both parents were 18lbs.  So my girl will alwasy be little.  Knock on wood my dog hasn't started shedding yet at all.  Embark said seasonal/heavy shedder and my dog's dna test came back ic/ic so it's a waitng game now.  TBH some of your picks I can sorta see the signs of early furnishings.  I have a feeling if everything you said is accurate that your dog may just have weak furnishings that will get longer as he ages.

  • I replied to your other post but I also wanted say my dogs coat changed over early too just like yours at 3 months.  She has the same wirey/wavy coat as you described but it gets straighter towards the legs.  How old is your dog now?  How much is he shedding?  

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