f1bb puppy - open face

I have a confirmed f1bb mini goldendoodle that has an open face.  I originally got her because I was looking for the most likely not to shed goldendoodle (f1bb).  She is only 15 weeks old now but based on the DNA test she should be a heavy/seasonal shedder.  Not ideal but we have had nothing but shedding dogs our entire lives so no biggie.  She doesn't shed a whole lot right now but we will see if that changes.  I've learned alot about goldendoodle genetics since I got her.  We definitely like the open face look more than the shaggy bearded goldendoodles.  We just were not aware at the time that unfurnished would result in regular shedding.  Alot of bad information is on the web about these breeds.  Most weibsites only mention f1,f1b,f2bb, f2, f2b, etc as the main factor in shedding which is 100% incorrect.  You can have a shedding goldendoodle in any generation.  You can even have a heavy shedding furnished goldendoodle.  I say she is unique because most unfirnished goldendoodles have a very golden retrieve coat.  In fact the DNA test said she would most likely be wavy.  At the moment she has alot of curl and wirey hair.  To me she looks more like a poodle that is unfurnished than a golden retriever.  According to the breeder and even the DNA test she will only be about 18 pounds.  More toy than mini which is fine by me.  I'm super curious how much she will shed being a mini/toy goldendoodle and not having that typical flat/straigt coat.  She has been great so far and we wouldn't trade her for the world.  Everyone that sees her says she is the cutest puppy they have ever seen.


8 weeks old






















12 weeks old























15 weeks old













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  • Bailey at 7 months old now.



  • Very curious! I have an F1B golden doodle (bred back to a full poodle) and he also has no furnishings. The dads genetic testing even came back as F/F so no one can seem to explain what happened with our pup! We love him the same but the mystery of how it happened is really intriguing to me. (I posted right above you and then saw your post) generically it just doesn't make sense 

    • I also wanted to add that there are only 2 real possibilties.  Either the sire is not FF or your puppy will eventually develope furnishings.  I do not see any real possibilty that your dog carries 1 F and ends up unfirnished.  I would just get your dog tested by a different company like Embark.  A puppy CANNOT end up ic/ic with a FF parent.  ic/ic is the only combination that results in an unfurnished dog.

    • TBH I don't think that is even possible genetically.  Furrnishings are a dominate trait.  A poodle that is FF will pass on furnishings to 100% of it's puppies.  Maybe they will develope later.  I've seen post where it has taken up to a year (rare though).  Did you have your dog genetically tested?  Embark will tell you if your dog will be furnished or not.  All I can say is maybe the dog tested was not the father?  Maybe have the dad retested with another brand?

  • We have an F1bb goldendoodle but he is 87.5% poodle, was one of the b's in your pup's history a retriever?  Otherwise the open face should not have happened.  

    In any case she is very cute but will likely shed pretty heavily, with her small size though it may not be as noticeable.  Our first goldendoodle (an unfurnished F1) had a similar coat and shed extremely heavily.  The good news is she was an absolute breeze for grooming!

    Here is our F1bb goldendoodle who does not shed, as a young puppy and now at about 1.5 years old.  His coat is very poodle-like though a bit softer than a poodle's, it's an absolute nightmare for grooming he mats if I look at him the wrong way.

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    • no, all sires were mini poodles in her ancestry back to at least grandparents.  What had to have happened is her father must of had a recessive improper coat gene and the mother also had one.  It's a misconception that all poodles are F/F.  They in fact can carry F/IC furnishings genes.  Unfurnished is pretty rare especially in F1bb but it does happen.  That's why I made the post to begin with.  To educate.  You can never be 100% with any mixed breed.  





    • You would think that through the generations of poodles any breeding animal that was found to be carrying the IC gene would no longer be bred.  Doesn't seem to happen that way though.  

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