This group is for those of us with puppies or dogs who look far more like the Golden or Labrador halves of themselves than the Poodle half. This group is for us to recognize the Poodle traits that shape our dogs while sharing experiences.
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  • Hi Everyone! I am new to this group, I have been researching so much lately about my 11 week old F1b Goldendoodle to see what is going on with his coat/face! This group sounds like we have similar experiences. We are in love with Waylon, but a bit confused as to what he may end up looking like. His two litter mates are full on curly and have full faces/beards. Waylon has more of a wavy coat and has the "open face" look. Do you guys think he will grow into his curls and face? I will attach some pictures on my profile in the comments section! He also sheds, and his litter mates do not. Just wanted to see other people's experiences and opinions! Thanks!!!
  • Hello there! I’m new to this forum and have been scrolling through many of the posts. I will be a first time doodle mom. Friends of ours are having F1 Labradoodle puppies. We’ve never met our baby as he is only 2 weeks, but my husband and I have fallen in love with our two week old baby. Since he is an F1, we know he will not have that teddy bear look and we would actually prefer something easier to manage. I’ve recently been looking at your pictures of the open face doodles and I think they are spectacular! I can’t figure out how to post a picture in the comment section, but I will post a picture on my page. In your opinion, does he have the start of furnishings or do you think he will be open face? Thank you so much to anyone that responds!
    • Hello! It's really too early to tell, try posting a pic around 5-6 weeks and it should be easier to see if your new baby has furnishings :)
    • Will do! Thank you!
  • Hello. I recently got an F2 golden doodle not knowing exactly what that meant due to never owning a doodle. His name is Boomer and I have lots of pictures of him on my page as well, he is 13 weeks and has very curly ears and is very wavy from the top of his head and back. Both parents were also very curly doodles. I know he may not develop any furnishings on his face, but I was wondering about the rest of him. Of course I would love for him to be wavy and fluffy but I’m somewhat losing hope in that. He is beautiful and unique nonetheless and I love golden retrievers, but it’s just not what I was expecting. If any of your doodles looked like this as a pup please attach pictures of them now! He is getting curlier every day.
    • My little boy is a F2B mini Goldendoodle and looks like yours. He is 5 months old and still no facial furnishings. He is getting his adult coat and it’s wavy so appears he will doodle out in that way minus that facial hair which in my opinion is easier to keep clean.
    • Oh he looks so much like Boomer!! Such a beautiful pup. Thank you so much, I’m hoping he stays wavy.
  • Hello. I’m pretty convinced my sweet boy isn’t going to grow facial furnishings as there is no sign at 15 weeks. But he is already shedding his puppy coat and getting his definitely wavy adult coat. Does anyone have a miniature goldendoodle without facial furnishings with a wavy coat. Just wondering what he will grow to look like. We love him so much and face will be easier to keep clean this way. silver lining 🙂
    • My Luna (mini goldendoodle) had a bit of a wavy coat but she had no furnishings and her coat had a determinate length (it never grew longer than about 2-3" before shedding. I have a number of pictures of her on my profile page. She was the apricot/red doodle (the black and white one is our current dog, Riley the bernedoodle).
    • Oh she was beautiful and even has the nose coloring of mine. How big did she end up getting. Mine is only 12lbs at 15 weeks. I have a couple recent pics on my profile of him but looks similar to your Luna. Teddy just looks like a darker red color.
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Meet Beckett

He is my grand dog.  His mother is a golden, and his father a standard poodle.  He is a little over a year now...almost 80 pounds...looks more like a golden.   He is very smart, and has a wonderful loving personality.F6C9DFC3-040A-4EF6-B052-CE5C208BD7A5.jpeg. EAE545CA-2A5C-48CB-876B-DBB0CE4A2090.jpeg.  A4D13CF0-4B66-453A-8D1B-50B9CF6AE398.jpeg. 606D74C9-2533-4E44-A111-5D13E4C9D608.jpeg. 2CB5D95A-DA63-4252-95B5-FF7D71752872.jpeg.  D4AF1A63-AB8E-44DE-B5A7-B8E9EC9721FD.jpeg

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Crazy Tailed Puppy

Hi All,New member here.  We recently brought home our Labradoodle Ronnie (short for Veronica) and she is awesome.  Mother is a poodle and Dad is an English Lab.  She doesn't look like she is very Doodley and hasn't any facial furnishings but has a wave down her back that gets a little wider every week and a crazy curly tail.  I have looked at pics on this forum but haven't seen anything similar.  Any idea how her coat may turn out?20190508_105842.jpg20190508_105834.jpg20190423_104028.jpg

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Will my pup grow facial beard/facial furnishing?

Hi All!This is my sweet pup Daisy!! She is my first doodle (an F1 standard goldendoodle pup). She is absolutely wonderful!! Shes 12 weeks old now. I was just wondering if anyone with experience can tell me if you think she will grow a facial beard/ facial furnishings? She just looked so much like a little retriever in the beginning and I THINK I am now starting to see evidence of her "doodling out.  Thoughts? She still does not have a facial beard, however. Does anyone have any educated…

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