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If so can you please PM me?  I am looking to buy my first doodle and have some questions!!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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Elizabeth, it's really important that you read the DK guidelines on What to Look for in a Breeder and follow them to the letter. These are the minimum standards that you should demand. 

Looking at the breeder you mentioned, I see that they offer only a one year health warranty, which is not accpetable. There is no mention of genetic health testing on the parents, which is absolutely crucial. There is also some incorrect information about the dog breeds, which doesn't really matter except that it tells me that they don;t know what they are talking about, lol, and are presenting false info on their website. (Note: Cocker Spaniels were not created from Golden Retrievers, and have nothing at all in common with them. And Golden Retrievers did not come from Newfoundland, and were not "bred back to the Labs to fix the recessive yellow genes (!!!???!!!) so they would survive"!!! WTD? Complete fiction. )

Speaking of Cocker Spaniels, do you really want a doodle who is a quarter cocker spaniel? It is a complete falsehood that the "cocker makes them calmer". Cocker spaniels are generally not particularly calm dogs at all, and many are not at all good with kids. You are also unlikely to get an "allergy friendly" dog with that mix. 

And their prices are extremely high for early generation doodles, especially with no health testing on the breeding dogs. There are some excellent doodle breeders who do all genetic health testing on their breeding dogs and don;t charge as much for true multi-generational doodles. 

I would be extremely careful with this breeder. 

Thank you SOOOOOO much for your quick response that is very informative.  This will be my first dog so I am very excited but at the same time, I want to make the right decision.  My cousins bought a dog from this breeder a year ago which is how I fell in love with the breed.  Many of the dogs the breeder has are close in appearance to what I am looking for (Shaggy, red, petite (under 25 pounds).  My cousins are happy with their dog but at the same time, I want my dog to be healthy.   Are there any breeders you recommend?  I am living in Georgia but my parents live in Wisconsin, so I am open to Florida/Georgia/Wisconsin/Northern Illinois.


I sent you a friend request, as breeder recomendations are not permitted in the forums.

I did a little digging and this breeder also has a second website. WAY too many litters on the ground at one time, this looks like a large commercial kennel to me. 

Everyone here loves their dog, but that's not a good endorsement for a breeder. I am glad your cousins are happy with their dog, and I hope that continues, but most serious illnesses in dogs don't show up in the first year, or even two. It's important to support responsible breeding and breeders. 

I hate the fact that there are typos all over their site; lol that would do it for me.


I’m in WI and I’m interested in getting a mini Goldendoodle. I have a 4yr old female (spaded) doodle now and I think it’s a good time to add a new pup.

I called this gal (owner) up yesterday and gave her all my information and asked a few questions reguarding her pups. 

I ‘felt’ her hesitance during our conversation but I continued. She offer to send me new pics of 2 pups I was interested in. When I didn’t hear from her I called back. All she said was I LOOKED YOU UP ON THE INTERNET!!

O.K. ….. She mentioned this group like that was a bad thing, and then asked if I was a breeder. NO I’m not a breeder but I think your getting me mixed up with another Kathy H. which I knew breeder only because I use to get phone calls from people wanting to buy from me! 

I was so upset mainly because she was falsely accusing me of lying, and trying to cheat her in someway. I told her I’d prove to her I wasn’t but all she kept saying was I was trying to pull something on her and her dogs… 

In the end she just hung up on me. Talk about unprofessional in every way and down right mean to me. 

So I’m in the doghouse and I didn’t  even do anything… I will never buy a puppy from Burr Oaks Kennel and never recommend them to anyone. 

Oh and by the way did you ever get a pup?



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