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Is there a romp scheduled for this spring?  We are looking forward to one.

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We're still hoping to host one at our house. We've got a half acre fenced yard that would be perfect for it! We enjoy the ones in Waukesha but it's a long haul with three doods in the back of a Gran Prix!!!
I hope it works out. It's nice of you to consider it.
Now that sounds fun. I'll just bet you will have plenty of doodle friends that would join in.
I wold love to go
Looking forward to attending our first Doodle romp.
Absolutely! It will be fun to reconnect with our doodle friends both human and furry and welcome new families. We will choose a date (hopefully a beautiful, sunny spring day) and let everyone know so they can plan ahead. Stay tuned.
We just found out we'll be out of town three Saturdays in April so I'm crossing my fingers that the 2nd or 16th will work.
We don't want to miss you and Divot. Those sound like good dates, since many people will  have plans over the Easter break. Now to use our intuition to pick the date that will give us the best weather. LOL!



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