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Mackie is about 18 months old and has been sitting in a boarding kennel in Northern Illinois for 5 weeks. His owner, who purchased him as a puppy, sent him there because he growled at some visiting children while he was tied to a table in his home and there was a party going on for one of the family's five young children.

Mackie is a big energetic puppy who needs love, attention and structure. He is fully obedience trained but will need a calm home where his owners are willing to guide him and provide plenty of exercise and socialization. This was lacking in Mackie's former home. Consequently, Mackie can become nervous and over-excited in some situations. Mackie is very affectionate but does need someone who can provide discipline along with affection.

These photos do not do him justice. He is absolutely gorgeous, with a thick, non-shedding fleece coat and beautiful big black doodle nose. He is a standard size doodle, about 55-60 lbs.

If you have a friend or relative within driving distance of Chicago who is looking for a wonderful doodle boy, please contact me or the DRC. Only homes with a fully fenced yard and children over the age of 13 will be considered.


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has anyone shown any interest in adopting Mackie yet?
Yes, Marilyn, he has a potential home, and it just happens to be in the great state of Wisconsin!
Oh I am soooooo glad to hear this - I would hate to see Mackie spending anymore time then he already has in a kennel. I can't believe someone putting a doodle in a kennel - I would much rather see the kids sent away. Not really, just kidding, or am I? Is it only a potential home or is it a sure thing?
As sure as it can be until it actually happens, lol. But I took him out of that place, he's at my vet now and will be with me until he goes home for good.
Turns out he is only 14.5 months old, and has been out of his home for almost 7 weeks. :(
if it falls through, let me we could potentially take on another doodle..have been thinking about it quite a bit lately.
oh i am so happy to hear mackie will be in a loving home real soon!
Thanks to all of you. I will keep you posted!



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