• Sassy takes such wonderful pictures!  Love them both Jolene!

    • I like one and two and can also help anyone edit if they want me to.


    • I really like the first one. Again, do you have the original, un-edited version. If so, send it to me at my email,

    • I like the fourth one down the best, needs just a little help in the eyes.  You can email me the original if you want :)



    • Jolene, Do you have the original, un-edited versions of these photos. I would change the crop on most of them. Ask Nancy if she has the uncropped version of the first one. If so, tell her to send it to my email. That is my favorite one of this bunch, since the eyes are so good.

  • They are having a hard time this year both facing the camera with decent looks on their faces...would you submit this anyway...I doubt if I could ever hope to recreate this with them not looking for the neighbors cat3549970531?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Love this one!  I would photoshop out the leaves in the right hand forground and I agree with DJ, lighten the shadows a bit.


    • I like it.  I think you should try lifting some black from the image to bring up a bit more detail in the shadows.


    • I think this is a very sweet photo like Stacy said. If you want me to edit it, send me the original, un-edited version to

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